Day 3 of 30 Witchy Journaling

Day Three: 5 things in your room that you could use in a spell or a ritual. What could you use them for?

Notebook paper. I can make origami spells in a flash with those or if I need to I have my favorite colored ink pens. Combine those two together and I create sigils or talismans depending on which is which because I forgot what goes where.

Calculator. I know how to do some basic numerology so I can do quick divinations or spells knowing that.

Book of Shadows. Well that’s kind of obvious, but it has my astrology chart in there as well as my numerology cheat sheet. It helps a lot when you need to be able to do things. Every spell you take notes over, every spell that you need to do you’ll find things in there that’ll give you some ideas of what you can use or do for a spell.

Prayer beads. Just because I have a calculator doesn’t mean I know how to keep up with my chanting. Some chants need to be said seven times, some need to be said three. Some need to be said five times, and then another one after that with a different number and it’s just easier to keep count as long as I have prayer beads with me.

Holy Water. The best thing to cleanse objects with. The best thing to have inside the house no matter what besides a small bottle of essential lavender oil.


Day #2 of 30 Days of Witchy Journaling

Day 2: Secular or Non-Secular plus Spells Commonly used

Wow. This is actually going to be a more difficult type of answer. In the beginning of my path, I was a Non-Secular witch. My patron goddess was and still is to this day, Rhiannon. She was there for me when my world was tumbling in and out when I was in high school. My depression and anxiety was swallowing me whole, and she was there with a comforting spell and a gentle hand. She always let me know that she was there for me and she was there with me. The spell that I used was just me writing on my arm in red ink using the witches’ alphabet, pleading with her that I didn’t want to cause myself harm. That this was the only “harm” I would give and she would help me with that.

I also used a protection spell on my favorite pentagram necklace as I went to school. Every full moon I would recharge it with the same spell over and over and over again. It made me braver to go through the doors even though sometimes and some days I just couldn’t even when I did wear it. But I always believed that there was a magical barrier shielding me between those who were intent on causing me harm.

But then I fell out of the faith. I lost a big piece of my soul and I was left wandering. I couldn’t connect with my goddess and I tried to connect with a different god. What brought me peace back into my soul was Zen and Buddhism. Now that I’m trying to get back on the path that I was on before, I have discovered that I wanted to walk the path of peace. Therefore, I started to use pieces of Wicca (The Three Times Rule for Karma and the Witches’ Rede) and Zen (the four noble truths and the 8 fold path) in my practices.

Do I believe in a deity still? That is harder. Since I’m just re-learning my pathway, I will say that I’m still in love with Rhiannon for everything that she has done for me. But I have been hearing the call of Hades and Persephone a little more. I think before I can give a better answer, I will need to re-read my mythology.

So what spells do I use now that I walk the pathway of peace and serenity? To be honest, I haven’t actually done a spell in a long time. Normally I just do my celebrations for the sabbats and call it good. I have done that for an entire year, but lately I’ve been feeling an itch in my fingertips that want me to do more. More with my alter, more with my magic, more with everything. I want to redo my protection spells, I want to start writing my own spells again and just get back into the swing of things. I’ve been out of it for a good long time. It’s about time that I do my own thing again.

Really get into the spirit, whatever that looks like.

Day #1 of 30 Days of Witchy Journaling

Merry meet everyone. I hope you guys don’t mind if I start talking a little bit about my Wicca and what I believe and so on and so forth. Lately, I just been feeling an itch that I need to scratch, but since my alter and my supplies are on a down-low and in need of some heavy maintenance, I’m hoping that if I talk a little about my thoughts about it, the itch will go away some what. Consider this just me rambling and you can ignore it if you want, unless of course you’re interested.

Then by all means follow the little white rabbit. He’s late you know.

Types of Witchcraft and what path are you on?

My path of witchcraft is a peculiar one. When I first began, I began in a traditional Wiccan way. I didn’t really know, nor understand that there were differences in pathways. I knew that there was a cottage witch, a green witch, and a kitchen witch, but that was all I knew. I didn’t know that there were space witches, blood witches, or anything like that.

For my witchcraft, I’m very much an eccentric, I use what I need to use at that time. I don’t have a favorite or something I relate to the strongest because they all resonate within me the same amount. I just discovered them sooner or later in my life. Do I have a  favorite method of doing witchcraft? No, not really. I like them all. But if I was to list them in what I use most to what I use least it would look like this:

The first witchcraft I discovered was the foundation of all Wiccan and all witchcraft culture and that was to create a circle. To create a circle, you call upon the four elements. Not only do I faithfully call these elements in my work, I use them constantly. When I need to meditate, I meditate on them. When I need to do a minor ritual or spell, I just use them. I don’t bother with a god or goddess unless it’s for a celebration.

Of course that leads me to literature. I’m always studying and reading. I’m always picking up new books to read, rereading the ones that I have, or I’m just browsing through the library, hoping that one day I’ll be able to work in one. A lot of my books are on Wiccan and Witchcraft. Mostly so that I can improve on my ritual spells. I’m not as confident as I used to be when I was younger.

When I do my witchcraft is actually a witchcraft in itself. I’m a nighttime witch. My spells are strongest when I’m doing everything at night. Of course that leads me to astrology and it leads me to the hour of when I want to do the spell that I’m working on, all that jazz. But most importantly, I like to do a lot of my spells during the full moon, unless I feel an itch that I just need to do a random ritual to get something out of me. It happens a lot where I just need to let energy go.

Origami was one of the first things that I used in my spells besides ribbons. I know a lot of people use paper to burn or to tear or to write intention and then release, but I used origami for it was the least suspicious of my intentions and of my spell works. I’m not a closet witch in any sense of the means, but that doesn’t mean I want to go around bragging about it. If asked, or if curious, I’ll tell them.

I have done a lot of dream work in my time as well. One of my best friends always asks me if she can have her dreams interpreted and I always do my best to do that. I also keep a dream journal with me and I write down the dreams that I have. A lot of time, when I wake up, my dreams disappear before I can even write them down, but those that I have written down were terrifying. Interesting. And peculiar. I don’t do dream works as often as I used to since my dreams aren’t showing up or I just don’t write them down.

Ostara 2017

Merry meet everyone. I hope you all had a wonderful Spring day. My Ostara -otherwise known as the Spring Equinox- celebration was quiet. I’m the only one in my family that celebrates the pagan holidays so I do a lot of things on my own.

My spring time begins with a ritual to welcome the coming of spring. I feel the earth begin to thrive with the warming of the sun that’s starting to get closer. I imagine the waters are becoming thawed from it’s encasement of winter. The birds are singing, “it’s a beautiful day outside,” so what shall we do to celebrate it?

Last year was too cold and rainy to do too much of a celebration. I was happy with this year since the month had been summer-warm. I was able to go out to Chandor Gardens located in Weatherford, Texas. It’s a small and cozy garden and there’s so much to see. I took too many pictures for me to post them all in a blog, so I hope you’re satisfied with the ones I did choose.

IMG_20170320_140700The first thing that I noticed when I walked through the entrance of the garden was the tulips and some of the blooming flowers. Usually March is still in throes of winter. The flowers wouldn’t be blooming in the summer either as the humidity is harsh on them. To see them in all of their glory was a welcoming sight. I wasn’t expecting a bunch of tulips either. The garden has plenty of different kinds of plants and flowers, but the most common was the tulips. I don’t know why, but usually gardens would be more keen to have roses or at least so I thought.

IMG_20170320_134911To my surprise and wonderment, there were baby koi in the small pond that they had created. I have only ever seen adults, so seeing the babies was a treat. I counted about thirteen, though it’s possible I doubled my count. They were gorgeous and adorable. It made me hope that I’ll come back to see them as adults.

As I walked through the gardens I noticed a few things had changed since I last went around. One of the few things that did change was that there were more sitting areas. They were also making a few more patios for people to sit in and stand underneath so they could get some shade.

IMG_20170320_140011To my disappointment, they didn’t do much with the labyrinth. It’s mostly made of gravel and the outline of it is brick. Unless you know the layout or you have a map, going around it is hard to do. It’s not easy to keep track since the gravel covers the maze walls. I wish that they would do something so that the brick would be more like a miniature wall rather than a hint.

IMG_20170320_140325The most interesting thing (besides the baby koi and their parents) was the rock fountain that was made inside of a building. I’m sure it was there during the last few times I visited. Either I just never noticed or I just didn’t remember that I’ve seen it before. It’s quite soothing to sit down and listen to the fountain behind you. You could close your eyes and meditate, or you could read a book with ambiance. The sight that lays out in front of you is beautiful as well.


It’s almost like entrance towards another version of a dream. The long trees have yet to have their leaves, but when they do, the pathway would just be magnificent to see.  The trail leads you to a fountain that’s just right in the middle of another walkway. There’s one that goes close around it, and one that’s just an outer ring filled with tulips and a chair that sits right across from the fountain. The fountain is large and has two dragon statues spitting water into the pool. It’s not the most glamorous of fountains as a hedge prevents you from seeing most of it unless you’re in the outer ring. However, if you don’t want to sit and look at trees and you’re more of a flower person, sitting across this fountain would suit your needs as well. It’s in a better location for shade, so you’ll be cooled off in no time.IMG_20170320_135739

Speaking of cooling off, if sitting down and listening to a fountain isn’t your speed, there’s a huge waterfall just around the bend of where you’d find the koi. You won’t be able to stand completely underneath it, but you can get fairly close. Sadly shade isn’t your option unless the sun is hitting in the right spot. The mist from the waterfall also depends on what the direction the breeze is going. However, if you can managed to get one of the two or both if you’re extremely lucky, the Texas heat and humidity would be easy to defeat. The waterfall also has a log sitting place that they have started to scatter throughout the gardens, but you won’t be near the mist. You will be able to hear the roar of it and you’ll be able to see it if you were wanting to meditate and you were craving punishment from the sun since there’s no chance for shade.

Chandor gardens isn’t free admission unless your four or younger. The cost is five dollars and you’re allowed to spend as much time as you like so long as you leave by closing. Sometimes they allow you to feed the koi, and you’re welcome to explore the gardens to your leisure. There’s no guided tour so you’re able to walk around and see the sights as you please. Don’t worry though, you’re given a walking map so you know what and where everything is. Since I’ve been there a few times, I like to carve my own path and look around by skipping from place to place.

Next year, I plan to go to the Botanical Gardens of Forth Worth. Hopefully next Spring will be warm and sunny like this year, though I do hope for a cooler breeze. I recommend that if you’re the type to celebrate the coming of spring, regardless of religion and belief, to go visit your local botanical gardens. It’s refreshing to step out of the city and into a small paradise like this.

This year was a wonderful Ostara, where the plants were in bloom, babies were seen, and most importantly the greenery wasn’t dead or dying. The heat was bearable and the breeze was a little cool. I enjoyed welcoming spring with my tour of Chandor Gardens and I hope you all have a blessed Spring, no matter what you believe in.