Game Review: Men of Yoshiwara Kikuya

Merry meet everyone! My soul-sister K has a game that she enjoyed called Men of Yoshiwara. When I expressed that it seemed to be a game that I would be interested in, she graciously allowed for me to play it. The game is fast and simple as it used to be a mobile app first. The routes are very direct, you pick the character that you want to go on and you try to follow it to hundred percent. It’s not as flexible as Hakuoki is or other otome games.

To give the best review I possibly can I split this into two sections: a general review and a route review. The general review will give you a grading that will look like this:

  • Overall game score
  • What could be changed
  • What was done right
  • Recommended? why or why not.

Highest score you can get is a 5 and  the lowest you can get is a 1 meaning I quit before I could even finish the game it was that bad.  I will do my best to keep spoilers out of the general review as much as I possibly can. As for the route review, I placed it underneath the “read more” so that if you didn’t want to be spoiled you didn’t have to be. Grading for the route review will look like this:

  • Character likability
  • Character development
  • Story
  • Love Authenticity
  • Is the route replayable? (to clarify, would I play the route again knowing how the story goes?)

The highest score you can get out of the route review is a 5. Now that you know how the rating works let’s begin.

Overall Game Score: 2.

What could be changed: More scene changes and more character templates. I felt like some of the places that were mentioned would have been better to have a either a CG or background in the game. Otherwise, it felt like I wasn’t actually there. In one route in particular: I was still standing in front of a shrine imagining that we went to the fair.

Also if a character is mentioned like guards, or a gentleman courtesan or something like that, having a faceless template wouldn’t have been too awful. It would feel like the characters were talking to each other. I understand that it means more artwork and the game was probably made on a strict budget. I also know that this was a mobile app first, but I still think that if it was remade for the PC then it needs to have more details added.

Some of the storylines and character personalities could have been better written. I liked Takao’s and Hayabusa’s, but there were some routes though that I went down on where the characters didn’t make sense to the first impression I was given in the prologue. I understand that to be because of the competition, but there’s on character in particular (Tokiwa) where I just couldn’t determine if he was a bully, someone to worry about, or what.

Typos were also very common. Hear instead of year. Waste instead of waist. Some of the “sexual” phrases reminded me that I was reading something from FF.N, rather than an adult novel. Also, licking isn’t something that you’d want anyone to look at you with. I’m just saying.

There were also plot lines that I would have denied flat out as well.

What was done right? Sadly, the only routes that were done right within the game was Takao’s route and Hayabusa’s route. Everyone else felt either too plain, one-dimensional, or the plot-twist was unbearably cruel and unusual. The two things that are in common with the two routes I mentioned is the fact that Hayabusa considers the MC to be his little sister as they grew up together. Takao’s route has a half-sibling story-line as well that coincides with the MC. The personalities of the two routes stuck with the characters. They didn’t force them to become something that they weren’t and they managed to do this without sacrificing the plot.

Recommended? No.  For a game that only has two plots that are decent and that made sense; I hate to say it, but unless the game is for free on Steam I suggest you don’t buy it. The amount of translation errors were inexcusable.

If you’re going to write M-rated scenes, write M-rated scenes and don’t write them like a love-struck teenager who can barely say something dirty without getting a red face. Don’t write plots that don’t make any sense to the character either. I know when a route feels forced. Many of them did.

Now for the routes review. Spoilers are at home here.

Screenshot (5)

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