Sleepover Friday #3

Merry meet everyone and Welcome to Sleepover Friday. For those of you just joining in, get comfortable in pjs, dish out some pizza, and let’s talk about our week. This week I didn’t have too much going on, but there was an event that happened at school today that I’d like to talk about.

I went to my mother’s college art show. I would love to show you her drawings, but she asked me not to post them online. She doesn’t like any of the work that she did for the show, as she felt like it wasn’t her best and that she was still rusty at her art. Unfortunately, after the art show was completed, my mom announced to me that she will be withdrawing from the art class to try again next semester as she just didn’t realize how far behind she was in the class, and she worried about not keeping up with the workload.

I understand completely. My mother decided to take two art type of classes. A Creative Writing with me and drawing. She told me that she didn’t realize that the creativity came from two separate mindsets and that she can only focus on one while the other suffers. I explained that’s probably why I cannot draw to save my life, but I can write decently. So, she’ll drop that class to try again.

Speaking of dropping classes and how I can write, I decided to withdraw from my own creative writing class too. The Canvas program that was installed into our classroom isn’t a program made for English classes or discussion classes at all. I can’t even call what we’re doing a “discussion” and more of “pass around the weakest sounding compliment you can”. My writing is suffering terribly from this class too. I feel like I’m writing more like a high schooler than I am a college student. It’s cringing and I can’t stand it. I know that every artist feels that way, but when you know your quality dropped and you know you could do better and you know what the cause of it is, just drop it and try something else. Not everyone works with the same medium and it turns out, online creative writing is just not something I can do. I can get better feedback on Tumblr and that’s….almost insulting.

Since Creative Writing will be out of the way, I should finally be able to get through Hijikata’s route on Saturday, possibly get through Chikage’s as well during that time too since it’s a short 5 chapter route and you’re pretty much trying to get the “normal” route without going “normal”.

I don’t know what game I will be playing after that. May is final’s week and then in the middle of it I travel to Ireland, Wales and England again. Then in the beginning of June I go to Akon as well. I think I’ll have time in the middle of June to play something hard core.

Oh speaking of Akon, one of my friends, let’s call her R is going to do her first cosplay contest. I’m super excited about that. What I’m not excited about is the location. I haven’t been there since my best friend’s high school graduation, but I can’t imagine it being a good venue for the con. But we can’t exactly use the hotel that we were at either. The best place for photo shoots got torn apart so that a waterpark could be built there instead, and the hotel staff didn’t really want us to return was the rumor as well.

I’m a little concerned about returning to Anime Matsuri though. I heard from the grapevine that the person that had been hosting it wasn’t a very good person. The year that I last went was awful too. The panels weren’t doing so great, the atmosphere was all off, and the dealer’s room hadn’t been the most exciting I been too either. I was quite glad that the last year wasn’t my first year, otherwise I would’ve been a lot more disappointed in it.

I think that’s all you’ll find of interest. Here’s a question for you: was there a time in your life where you had to quit something you thought was good for you, and discovered that you were better off without it?

I’ll talk to you soon.

Sleepover Friday #2

Oh man! Merry meet, everyone and what a week it’s been. I thought that I wouldn’t have much to say, but I guess things just have a habit of popping up. Oh! For those of you now to my blog, this is sleepover Friday. It’s mostly a time to catch you up on what’s happening with me during the week and what my plans may be for the upcoming week. Down below I’ll post a comment question of the week so that we can share stories if you want.

Let’s start with what’s happened in the last few days from latest to earliest.

On Sunday I managed to get myself into a car accident. Don’t worry, everyone was fine. Just a few dings, a file claim and a police report and everything is good. It was mostly a hassle than it was that someone was injured school I would take any day. I know everyone would want to know what happened, but I don’t know when that’s safe to do so. I’ll probably explain more next week or so.

I finished Amnesia: Memories before I got Hakuoki done. I suppose I can’t be too surprised it was a fast game. Hakuoki has so many chapters and characters while Amnesia has a lot of characters but it’s only three hours worth of game play if you want the good ends. Considering that school is starting to wrap up for the year, my time is starting to get really, really tight. I have homework and I have to study the best that I can, so Hakuoki might not get done till the beginning of May! I feel a little bad about that.

Do you remember last week I was talking about doing a new skin care routine with Paula’s Choice Calm series? I finally have been using the cleanser and the exfoliate for about a week now. It feels really good on my skin. The exfoliate burns my skin a bit, but that’s alright. It’s not a burn that I can’t handle. I still need to get the moisturizers and try those alongside the cleanser, but I need to buy those one at a time.

I also finished my poem. I had decided to do a pantoum, it’s a weird type of poem that I think would be fun to practice more. So I’ll keep it in. Ind when I feel an urge to write one.  Though now the writing assignment is to write a creative nonfiction or a memoir. At least a creative nonfiction is allowed, but how much research is she wanting? That’s the problem with that. The memoir part, well…at least she wasn’t specific about what kind of memoir it needed to be. Too often I get professors who think that telling about the nitty gritty is a way to get to know the students, when honestly those are horrible to remember and to write. So if I had to write a memoir, I think I’ll just talk about things that happened to me that were funny and not brutal.

I also went to the eye doctor this week as well. Apparently my eyes haven’t changed so I can continue wearing the same prescription eye contacts I’ve been wearing for a year. That’s lucky, I hate adjusting to new glasses or contacts, the headaches and the strain it puts on my eyes is the worst.

That’s mostly it for what’s going on in my life. Here’s a question for you: What games do you enjoy playing? It doesn’t have to be just video games. But any kind. My favorite game is Cards Against Humanity, I love the vulgarity of it. I also enjoy playing Legend of Zelda too. Maybe during the summer I do a few reviews on some games that I enjoy. It’ll be a baised review, but…it’ll be okay.

Alright, you all have a wonderful night.

Game Review: Amnesia:Memories

Merry meet everyone! I’m sorry if the otome series is starting to bore you, but I do have a list of games and anime that I do want to review. A lot old, some new, so be patient as school finally draws to a close.

Now, Amnesia: Memories. No one recommended this to me, I just discovered it on my own. Ah, well that’s not entirely true. I heard that there was an anime based off of the visual novel, and like all reviews they recommended that I play the visual novel first before I watch the anime. I had been quite curious about this game for some time and luckily my sister shares my steam account so I was able to borrow it from her in order to see if it’s something that I would enjoy.

Let me explain: Amnesia: Memories is about a young girl who accidentally gets a spirit named Orion absorbed into her mind. Since his presence is so strong, her memories were taken. In order to push him back out, you need to regain the memories that you lost. You only knew two thing  about you in the prologue of the game. Your name, and the world that you want to go into.

Depending on the world that you want, a different story unfolds as it’s a universe that’s always different yet the same. Your relationships with your friends and your lover is always different and while the attitudes are the same (besides the manager and mine mostly) they react to you in many different ways. You have four choices to begin with, Diamond, Heart, Clover, and Spade the same as the pack of cards. Each world has 3 endings. Bad, Normal, and Good. Getting the Good endings for all four worlds and you unlock a world called the Joker world, which tells you more about the MC, the parallel universes you’ve been visiting, and about Orion.

Like I have done in my reviews if you know by now, I’ll be splitting this review up into two sections. One section will be the overall game and what I thought about it. A general review if you will. It won’t have any spoilers in it, so you’ll be safe to read it. Underneath the “read more” cut that I’ll make, I’ll review more in depth about the routes I chose, the way I chose them, and my reactions to what I saw.

The ratings will look like this:

  • Overall game score
  • What could be changed
  • What was done right
  • Recommended.

The highest you can get is five of 32e973f84ec51d827434caddddbd5873.jpg. The lowest you can get is a one, which means that I didn’t finish the game it was too boring for me to continue. For the route ratings it’ll look something like this:

  • Character likability?
  • Love Authenticity?
  • Does this route make sense in regards to the story?
  • Is the route replayable?

Let’s begin with the general review first.

Overall Game Score: 32e973f84ec51d827434caddddbd5873.jpg32e973f84ec51d827434caddddbd5873.jpg32e973f84ec51d827434caddddbd5873.jpg32e973f84ec51d827434caddddbd5873.jpg32e973f84ec51d827434caddddbd5873.jpg

What could be changed: Toma’s route. It’s horrifying, and creepy and even though I got a good end, I feel like all I did was play a tame bad ending. He made my skin crawl and I felt sick to my stomach as I went through his route. It’s unfortunate, but unless you unlock all four character good endings, you can’t get the fifth. Which is the true route of the game as well. If anything, I really wish that Toma’s “crazy” was toned down to an extreme. I understand girls liking him, but at the same time I can’t help but to fear those girls who like him. Yes, liking a character knowing that he’s problematic is a good thing. It means acknowledging that he’s a bad person (e.g: Loki fans), but there’s a difference between being a “villain” and being a “psychopath” and there’s a reason why psychopaths have more fan-clubs than villains do. Just saying.

I’ve also noticed a few minor typos in the PC game, but it’s easy to ignore. Please do so.

What they got right: Oh my god the voice acting. The background music is beautiful.  I especially love the art-style and graphics, I love how the characters are designed. I like Ikki’s and Shin’s design the most. It does make me want to watch the anime adaptation of the game, and see how it holds up and compares. It’s not fair, but at the same time a lot of fans do it. I also like that they kept the Parallel Universe theme to a T. Every route you take is different. Toma’s and Shin’s are the only ones where you’re childhood friends/siblings consistently. I like that the plots make sense to the character…despite the problems…and I enjoy Orion. Orion is the best inner voice ever. Also, I’m really happy that the “love” route (the one where it’s pure romance and little to no plot) is actually done quite well. The otome games that I’ve played have that type of person usually is boring or I don’t really like how the MC and the character click.

Recommended? Yes.

I have noticed in other reviews that there’s been some people who are a little uncomfortable about the MC and the guys that she chose so allow me to be clear. The only route that I’d be most concerned with is Toma’s route. It’s not a route that one should take if they have thin skin. A lot of things in that route made me uncomfortable and I understand why it’d make some others uncomfortable. That said, I didn’t see much wrong about the other routes. Yes. Shin’s aggressive sometimes. That’s his character flaw and he won’t abuse nor hurt the MC. Ikki does act too nonchalant with the MC, but you have to remember you have amnesia, there’s a good chance that you and Ikki had agreements not to be too open and too demanding of each other to begin with. Kent is a little too cold. Which is understandable if you take his route and see it from his point of view. Ukyou has split personality. I say nothing more. If these things bother you, then I wouldn’t pick the game.

I hope that you enjoyed my review. If you wish to read more, then click the button. Just remember that spoilers are down there. Other than that, I will see you again on another journey.

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Sleepover Friday #1

Merry meet everyone and welcome to the first Sleepover Friday. Sleepover Fridays are going to be days where I post about what’s happened during the week and whatever plans I might have for next week. It’s also a time where I encourage conversation in the comment section as well. I’ll give a question to answer at the bottom of the sleepover post.

Let’s get started with what’s happening right now. Currently I’m working on two reviews on the Game section of my blog. I’m working on Hakuoki Stories of the Shinsengumi and Amnesia:Memories. In Hakuoki I’m just finishing up Hijikata’s route and after that I’ll be working on Chikage’s and that will be the end of the review and I’ll post it up. For Amnesia I finished all four of the main routes, I’ll be working on the unlocked one probably sometime during the week. The two reviews should be out sometime next week if things go as planned.

My schedule for my work finally came back to normal. Lately I’ve been working 5-6 hour shifts nonstop because we’re so understaffed. Now I’m back to a 5-4 hour shift which is quite nice and I won’t be so tired when I come home from work. Today I was so exhausted, I couldn’t roleplay (writing wise) with my sister and I kept falling asleep on her. I felt so bad.

I’m also a college student. I’m taking first year accounting and first year creative writing. I’m not too fond of the creative writing course as the program that it’s on is disorganized and there’s too much scrolling for me to read and accurately do the assignments. Apparently this program is supposed to go into affect next year, but I’m hoping that they ditch that effort quickly. For some classes it’s alright, but for English classes or any class where discussion is a must, it’s not a good program to have.

I have a writing assignment that’s due on Sunday. I know I needed to work on it sooner rather than later, so I’ll probably do that Saturday night since my sister and I don’t have any plans. Thursday I skipped school because they were doing a tour of the campus for the high school students and I know what kind of mess that is. There were hardly any parking spaces so the professors were letting students go home early so that parking spaces could be made. I know too well that just because spaces are made doesn’t mean people know how to drive. Out here, if something out of the ordinary happens like a train coming down the railroad tracks, all of the sudden they can’t remember how to drive. I can handle old people, but college students are the worst at driving down the parking lot. They don’t share the damn road >_<.

I’ve recently started to research things about skin care and make up. I’m not the type of person that wears make up frequently or really cares about her skin. However I’m about to be in my mid-twenties soon and I’m starting to see that my skin needs some love and care. I also noticed that I’m doing something wrong with my make up, but I can’t put my finger onto what I might be doing wrong. It’s foundation issues and the need for a primer, I know that’ll help. I just don’t know if that’ll solve the issue that I’m having or not. I bought myself some skin care from Paula’s Choice. I have also stumbled across a few resources that Jin from TuxCosplay (behindinfinity) gave to their followers about the make up that they uses and the sites that they frequently look at in order to judge what’s the best make up, the best everything really. My mom wants the links, so I’ll have to remind myself to copy and past them from here.

Beautypedia by Paula – This is a site where they review harshly on what products work and don’t work. It’s not just written by costumers, but by experts. It was pretty shocking to me that my cleanser that I had been using at the time wasn’t a good product to use, and in fact was probably one of the worst things to have on my face.

CosDNA  -This tells you what’s inside the product that you’re looking at and if it’s harmful to you. I believe the numbers on the products refer to the PH levels that they have inside. Though please don’t take my word for it. It’s not updated frequently, so take things with a grain of salt. Same for the reviews.

I think that’s all the main things I wanted to say tonight. I wanted to let you guys know where I was at in my reviews what I did and what I plan to do. Here’s your first Friday Night sleepover question: What were the top three things that happened to you this week? Leave me a comment down below! I hope you enjoyed your sleepover. I know I did.

I’ll see you guys on the flipside :).





Game Review: Men of Yoshiwara Kikuya

Merry meet everyone! My soul-sister K has a game that she enjoyed called Men of Yoshiwara. When I expressed that it seemed to be a game that I would be interested in, she graciously allowed for me to play it. The game is fast and simple as it used to be a mobile app first. The routes are very direct, you pick the character that you want to go on and you try to follow it to hundred percent. It’s not as flexible as Hakuoki is or other otome games.

To give the best review I possibly can I split this into two sections: a general review and a route review. The general review will give you a grading that will look like this:

  • Overall game score
  • What could be changed
  • What was done right
  • Recommended? why or why not.

Highest score you can get is a 5 and  the lowest you can get is a 1 meaning I quit before I could even finish the game it was that bad.  I will do my best to keep spoilers out of the general review as much as I possibly can. As for the route review, I placed it underneath the “read more” so that if you didn’t want to be spoiled you didn’t have to be. Grading for the route review will look like this:

  • Character likability
  • Character development
  • Story
  • Love Authenticity
  • Is the route replayable? (to clarify, would I play the route again knowing how the story goes?)

The highest score you can get out of the route review is a 5. Now that you know how the rating works let’s begin.

Overall Game Score: 2.

What could be changed: More scene changes and more character templates. I felt like some of the places that were mentioned would have been better to have a either a CG or background in the game. Otherwise, it felt like I wasn’t actually there. In one route in particular: I was still standing in front of a shrine imagining that we went to the fair.

Also if a character is mentioned like guards, or a gentleman courtesan or something like that, having a faceless template wouldn’t have been too awful. It would feel like the characters were talking to each other. I understand that it means more artwork and the game was probably made on a strict budget. I also know that this was a mobile app first, but I still think that if it was remade for the PC then it needs to have more details added.

Some of the storylines and character personalities could have been better written. I liked Takao’s and Hayabusa’s, but there were some routes though that I went down on where the characters didn’t make sense to the first impression I was given in the prologue. I understand that to be because of the competition, but there’s on character in particular (Tokiwa) where I just couldn’t determine if he was a bully, someone to worry about, or what.

Typos were also very common. Hear instead of year. Waste instead of waist. Some of the “sexual” phrases reminded me that I was reading something from FF.N, rather than an adult novel. Also, licking isn’t something that you’d want anyone to look at you with. I’m just saying.

There were also plot lines that I would have denied flat out as well.

What was done right? Sadly, the only routes that were done right within the game was Takao’s route and Hayabusa’s route. Everyone else felt either too plain, one-dimensional, or the plot-twist was unbearably cruel and unusual. The two things that are in common with the two routes I mentioned is the fact that Hayabusa considers the MC to be his little sister as they grew up together. Takao’s route has a half-sibling story-line as well that coincides with the MC. The personalities of the two routes stuck with the characters. They didn’t force them to become something that they weren’t and they managed to do this without sacrificing the plot.

Recommended? No.  For a game that only has two plots that are decent and that made sense; I hate to say it, but unless the game is for free on Steam I suggest you don’t buy it. The amount of translation errors were inexcusable.

If you’re going to write M-rated scenes, write M-rated scenes and don’t write them like a love-struck teenager who can barely say something dirty without getting a red face. Don’t write plots that don’t make any sense to the character either. I know when a route feels forced. Many of them did.

Now for the routes review. Spoilers are at home here.

Screenshot (5)

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Ostara 2017

Merry meet everyone. I hope you all had a wonderful Spring day. My Ostara -otherwise known as the Spring Equinox- celebration was quiet. I’m the only one in my family that celebrates the pagan holidays so I do a lot of things on my own.

My spring time begins with a ritual to welcome the coming of spring. I feel the earth begin to thrive with the warming of the sun that’s starting to get closer. I imagine the waters are becoming thawed from it’s encasement of winter. The birds are singing, “it’s a beautiful day outside,” so what shall we do to celebrate it?

Last year was too cold and rainy to do too much of a celebration. I was happy with this year since the month had been summer-warm. I was able to go out to Chandor Gardens located in Weatherford, Texas. It’s a small and cozy garden and there’s so much to see. I took too many pictures for me to post them all in a blog, so I hope you’re satisfied with the ones I did choose.

IMG_20170320_140700The first thing that I noticed when I walked through the entrance of the garden was the tulips and some of the blooming flowers. Usually March is still in throes of winter. The flowers wouldn’t be blooming in the summer either as the humidity is harsh on them. To see them in all of their glory was a welcoming sight. I wasn’t expecting a bunch of tulips either. The garden has plenty of different kinds of plants and flowers, but the most common was the tulips. I don’t know why, but usually gardens would be more keen to have roses or at least so I thought.

IMG_20170320_134911To my surprise and wonderment, there were baby koi in the small pond that they had created. I have only ever seen adults, so seeing the babies was a treat. I counted about thirteen, though it’s possible I doubled my count. They were gorgeous and adorable. It made me hope that I’ll come back to see them as adults.

As I walked through the gardens I noticed a few things had changed since I last went around. One of the few things that did change was that there were more sitting areas. They were also making a few more patios for people to sit in and stand underneath so they could get some shade.

IMG_20170320_140011To my disappointment, they didn’t do much with the labyrinth. It’s mostly made of gravel and the outline of it is brick. Unless you know the layout or you have a map, going around it is hard to do. It’s not easy to keep track since the gravel covers the maze walls. I wish that they would do something so that the brick would be more like a miniature wall rather than a hint.

IMG_20170320_140325The most interesting thing (besides the baby koi and their parents) was the rock fountain that was made inside of a building. I’m sure it was there during the last few times I visited. Either I just never noticed or I just didn’t remember that I’ve seen it before. It’s quite soothing to sit down and listen to the fountain behind you. You could close your eyes and meditate, or you could read a book with ambiance. The sight that lays out in front of you is beautiful as well.


It’s almost like entrance towards another version of a dream. The long trees have yet to have their leaves, but when they do, the pathway would just be magnificent to see.  The trail leads you to a fountain that’s just right in the middle of another walkway. There’s one that goes close around it, and one that’s just an outer ring filled with tulips and a chair that sits right across from the fountain. The fountain is large and has two dragon statues spitting water into the pool. It’s not the most glamorous of fountains as a hedge prevents you from seeing most of it unless you’re in the outer ring. However, if you don’t want to sit and look at trees and you’re more of a flower person, sitting across this fountain would suit your needs as well. It’s in a better location for shade, so you’ll be cooled off in no time.IMG_20170320_135739

Speaking of cooling off, if sitting down and listening to a fountain isn’t your speed, there’s a huge waterfall just around the bend of where you’d find the koi. You won’t be able to stand completely underneath it, but you can get fairly close. Sadly shade isn’t your option unless the sun is hitting in the right spot. The mist from the waterfall also depends on what the direction the breeze is going. However, if you can managed to get one of the two or both if you’re extremely lucky, the Texas heat and humidity would be easy to defeat. The waterfall also has a log sitting place that they have started to scatter throughout the gardens, but you won’t be near the mist. You will be able to hear the roar of it and you’ll be able to see it if you were wanting to meditate and you were craving punishment from the sun since there’s no chance for shade.

Chandor gardens isn’t free admission unless your four or younger. The cost is five dollars and you’re allowed to spend as much time as you like so long as you leave by closing. Sometimes they allow you to feed the koi, and you’re welcome to explore the gardens to your leisure. There’s no guided tour so you’re able to walk around and see the sights as you please. Don’t worry though, you’re given a walking map so you know what and where everything is. Since I’ve been there a few times, I like to carve my own path and look around by skipping from place to place.

Next year, I plan to go to the Botanical Gardens of Forth Worth. Hopefully next Spring will be warm and sunny like this year, though I do hope for a cooler breeze. I recommend that if you’re the type to celebrate the coming of spring, regardless of religion and belief, to go visit your local botanical gardens. It’s refreshing to step out of the city and into a small paradise like this.

This year was a wonderful Ostara, where the plants were in bloom, babies were seen, and most importantly the greenery wasn’t dead or dying. The heat was bearable and the breeze was a little cool. I enjoyed welcoming spring with my tour of Chandor Gardens and I hope you all have a blessed Spring, no matter what you believe in.