Book Tag: Nintendo Style

Merry meet everyone, and welcome to the first installment of Book Tags. Since I am a video game and anime lover, the moment I saw that there was a book tag for Nintendo I knew that I just had to do it. So here are ten questions from the tag that I will be answering. If you want to do the tag, go ahead and do it. The original creator of the tag is from Sam’s Nonsense on Youtube and her link will be at the bottom of the post if you would like to go and check them out. Now then let’s get on to the tag.
1) NES (Nintendo Entertainment System): A classic you want to read. Uh…that’s a hard one because the classic that I wanted to read, I am currently reading now which is Frankenstein by Mary Shelly. However, if I had to pick another classic that I would want to read, I think The Great Gatsby by Scott F. Fitzgerlad. I don’t know why I haven’t read either one of these. I know that you were supposed to read them in Junior High/High School, but my classes never ever touched on classic literature at all. We went with Kite Runner, The Road, stories like that.

2) SNES (Super Nintendo): A sequel you liked more than the 1st (can be a 2nd book in a series) This one is the super easiest question I have ever read. The book that I liked more than the first and the third book of the series is called Treason Keep by Jennifer Falton.

I hated the first book, absolutely hated it and because I wanted to torture myself more, I picked up the second…and Treason Keep, the second book in the series, was the best thing I had ever read. I read it, reread it and read it again. When I couldn’t believe how good that book was, I went back and read the first…to be horribly disappointed. I don’t remember enough about the first book to tell you anything about why I hated it. I think it was the fact that every time the main character turned around she was getting kidnapped (I hate tropes like that) or raped (trigger warning for those sensitive to need it) and I was just…fed up. I could not believe how badly the first book was written or the third. If Treason Keep was made as a standalone and you didn’t have to read the first book to understand what was going on, I would say that would be my favorite story. Alas, it is not.

3) Nintendo 64: A book that revolutionized the way you look at the world. Ooh that is a tie. That is a huge tie. I would have to say that Helter-Skelter by Vincent Bugliosi was the one that really changed the way that I looked at the world. I knew that Charles Manson was a horrible guy, and I knew that what he did to Sharon Tate and the other victims was horrifying. But what the police did? How the case was so fucked up that he could have gotten away if only Vincent hadn’t declared conspiracy? It sent chills down my spine, it made me doubt the police force today to deal with evidence correctly, it made me realize that no one’s going to care about me if I’m murdered. The minute I become a victim, it’s like it all depends on the police’s mood that day and how they feel about doing their jobs. And the more I read into other true crime novels and saw how that hasn’t changed since the 1970’s…I already didn’t trust cops unless I was in danger. Now I don’t trust cops to give any sort of justice because that’s just not what they’re there for.

Also, people who were arrested that were from his cult are being let go from prison after doing their time. I think that’s just as terrifying as the idea, the notion that perhaps one day that’ll happen to Charles Manson. I’m just as scared of the people in his cult, as I am of him. And they’re on the streets now. Wonderful.

4) Gamecube: A popular book that did not go over so well with you. I love gamecube. Yes, the games on the system were poor at best, but my favorite Zelda Game came on to Gamecube way before it came on Wii, and just for that it was my favorite system. That being said though, a popular book that didn’t go so well with me would have to be Magicians by Lev Grossman. It’s supposed to be a Harry Potter slash Chronicles of Narnia type of book with magic, fantasy, adult themes. I was so pumped to read such a book and instead I get…Quinton the whiner, Alice the needy that becomes a BAMF at the end of the fucking book, and other characters I just…really didn’t care for.

I hated this book if you couldn’t tell. I was not taken in by the school of magic, and I felt like that Chronicles of Narnia feel that you were supposed to get was a rip off of the original novel, disgracing the beauty of C.S Lewis’s imagination. I felt like someone said let me take the two worlds you care about and let me destroy everything you ever knew about them. I wanted to burn the book but it was a library book so I happily returned it.

5) Wii: A new favorite book. My new favorite book happens to be The Woman in Black by Susan Hill. I love traditional horror stories and ghost stories. I grew up with urban legends that’d make your skin crawl and I grew up loving stories that were told orally more than I ever loved stories that were written for me. Especially a well told horror story just made for telling it around a campfire. Murder stories where people are gutted or chased after with a chainsaw never cuts it as a real horror book to me. Give me a story that tells of a house that’s haunted, a curse that will plague those who’d see the said Woman in Black, and it also tells a tale of what loss and devastation does to a person. That is my horror.

6) Nintendo Power: Favorite graphic novel series or a series you want to start. This one is hard to answer. I have a bunch of favorite mangas (or is it manga?) that I would consider my favorites. Death Note by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata is a classic, but I think that another series that would be well talked about would be the Godchild/Cain Saga series by Kaori Yuki.

Death Note tells a story of a man that finds a notebook of death. Anyone’s name written down in it will die of a heart attack unless specified. This is a suspenseful thriller that leaves you wondering if you’re rooting for the good side or the bad side.

Cain saga/Godchild series is a Gothic murder mystery about a boy that is trying to solve murders that involve his family. Kinda like Black Butler only more gruesome, less hysterical and boy oh boy brutal. I would recommend reading Cain Saga first before reading Godchild as that is the continuation of the story.

7) Super Mario: A character that you’d love to squish like a Goomba. Ironically enough, Jack Randall from the Outlander series, but if that’s cheating then I would choose Dolores Umbridge from Harry Potter. I don’t think I need to say anything on that matter.

8) Zelda: A newer fantasy that you consider to be a modern classic. The Golem and the Jinji by Helene Wicker. This fantasy is actually not technically new, it’s been out for some time, but to me this is a classic. It’s historical fiction, with fantasy elements and it tells a story about a Golem and  Jinji and what their lives are like trying to fit in a Jewish society back in the 1890s.  This book is completely underrated, only published in 2013 and I believe that this will up to be a classic literature piece.

9) Samus-Aran: Favorite sci-fi novel or one you want to read. I…do not like Science Fiction in the slightest. Guardians of the Galaxy I only like because of the humor, the well timed jabs and honestly the music. I love the writer/director that is doing those movies and I hope he continues doing them. That being said, I’m a horribly, horribly picky reader when it comes to this genre because I don’t like it. However, I will go and say that The Rot and Ruin series by Jonathan Maberry was the best set of books that I have ever read. I know it says novel, but…this series is the most realistic young adult novel that I have come across in some time that talks about the Zombie Apocalypse like it’s actually an apocalypse rather than some sort of plot device. Seriously, it’ll make you sad that kids have to learn how to survive in this story.

10) Pokemon: Book editions that you want to collect. I’m not this person. I’m not the type that goes out and buys books for the edition that it’s in, or the type of condition that it’s in either. I buy books to read and enjoy and that’s all I care about. I know a lot of book readers will gasp at the mere concept that I, a fellow reader, am not at all interested in collections like that, but the thing is, is that I’m so picky as it is. I don’t buy a physical book anymore unless it deserves to be on my shelf of honor. You get on my self of honor, I read you till you fall apart and then I buy a new book so that I can continue to devour the same story over and over and over again. I’m not the type that will go out of her way to spend thousands or millions of dollars to find a book edition.

I’m not a librarian guys and even if I was, that’s work related.

11) Donkey Kong: A book with original characters. I…honestly don’t know what this is asking of me. A book where I feel like the characters are their own people and therefore should be loved as such? Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss.

Is this question asking me about a book that I’ve read that isn’t fanfiction? Woman in Black by Susan Hill. I’ve been reading way too much fanfiction and just recently got back into reading books again and this was one of the first books I read. I would have chosen another, but…um…that book is technically fanfiction of a book that’s no longer underneath copywrite so….yeah.

12) Nintendo Fandom: Favorite Nintendo game(s) or game you really want.
Legend of Zelda Breath of Wilds. Yes. I do not own a switch and I’m quite happy to hear that the Breath of Wilds is on a Wii U. Now don’t get me wrong, I heard some awful things about a Wii U and I don’t even know if Breath of Wilds would even be a good start for me to want to buy the system. In fact, I’m willing to wait till the Switch goes out of style after a new console comes out so that I can get the game and the Switch and be pleased with my purchase. Kind of like I’m waiting for the PS4 to go out of style a bit before I decide to pitch my money. I just recently got a PS3 and am playing Kingdom Hearts on it.


Alright, I hope you guys enjoyed the first installment of the Book Tags! Don’t forget that I do books every second or third week of the month, ( I know this is a week late I’m so sorry about that) so keep on a look out for tags, reviews, and rambles that will come periodically. As promised, here’s Sam’s Nonsense original link: I hope to see you guys again!