Day 3 of 30 Witchy Journaling

Day Three: 5 things in your room that you could use in a spell or a ritual. What could you use them for?

Notebook paper. I can make origami spells in a flash with those or if I need to I have my favorite colored ink pens. Combine those two together and I create sigils or talismans depending on which is which because I forgot what goes where.

Calculator. I know how to do some basic numerology so I can do quick divinations or spells knowing that.

Book of Shadows. Well that’s kind of obvious, but it has my astrology chart in there as well as my numerology cheat sheet. It helps a lot when you need to be able to do things. Every spell you take notes over, every spell that you need to do you’ll find things in there that’ll give you some ideas of what you can use or do for a spell.

Prayer beads. Just because I have a calculator doesn’t mean I know how to keep up with my chanting. Some chants need to be said seven times, some need to be said three. Some need to be said five times, and then another one after that with a different number and it’s just easier to keep count as long as I have prayer beads with me.

Holy Water. The best thing to cleanse objects with. The best thing to have inside the house no matter what besides a small bottle of essential lavender oil.


Day #2 of 30 Days of Witchy Journaling

Day 2: Secular or Non-Secular plus Spells Commonly used

Wow. This is actually going to be a more difficult type of answer. In the beginning of my path, I was a Non-Secular witch. My patron goddess was and still is to this day, Rhiannon. She was there for me when my world was tumbling in and out when I was in high school. My depression and anxiety was swallowing me whole, and she was there with a comforting spell and a gentle hand. She always let me know that she was there for me and she was there with me. The spell that I used was just me writing on my arm in red ink using the witches’ alphabet, pleading with her that I didn’t want to cause myself harm. That this was the only “harm” I would give and she would help me with that.

I also used a protection spell on my favorite pentagram necklace as I went to school. Every full moon I would recharge it with the same spell over and over and over again. It made me braver to go through the doors even though sometimes and some days I just couldn’t even when I did wear it. But I always believed that there was a magical barrier shielding me between those who were intent on causing me harm.

But then I fell out of the faith. I lost a big piece of my soul and I was left wandering. I couldn’t connect with my goddess and I tried to connect with a different god. What brought me peace back into my soul was Zen and Buddhism. Now that I’m trying to get back on the path that I was on before, I have discovered that I wanted to walk the path of peace. Therefore, I started to use pieces of Wicca (The Three Times Rule for Karma and the Witches’ Rede) and Zen (the four noble truths and the 8 fold path) in my practices.

Do I believe in a deity still? That is harder. Since I’m just re-learning my pathway, I will say that I’m still in love with Rhiannon for everything that she has done for me. But I have been hearing the call of Hades and Persephone a little more. I think before I can give a better answer, I will need to re-read my mythology.

So what spells do I use now that I walk the pathway of peace and serenity? To be honest, I haven’t actually done a spell in a long time. Normally I just do my celebrations for the sabbats and call it good. I have done that for an entire year, but lately I’ve been feeling an itch in my fingertips that want me to do more. More with my alter, more with my magic, more with everything. I want to redo my protection spells, I want to start writing my own spells again and just get back into the swing of things. I’ve been out of it for a good long time. It’s about time that I do my own thing again.

Really get into the spirit, whatever that looks like.

Day #1 of 30 Days of Witchy Journaling

Merry meet everyone. I hope you guys don’t mind if I start talking a little bit about my Wicca and what I believe and so on and so forth. Lately, I just been feeling an itch that I need to scratch, but since my alter and my supplies are on a down-low and in need of some heavy maintenance, I’m hoping that if I talk a little about my thoughts about it, the itch will go away some what. Consider this just me rambling and you can ignore it if you want, unless of course you’re interested.

Then by all means follow the little white rabbit. He’s late you know.

Types of Witchcraft and what path are you on?

My path of witchcraft is a peculiar one. When I first began, I began in a traditional Wiccan way. I didn’t really know, nor understand that there were differences in pathways. I knew that there was a cottage witch, a green witch, and a kitchen witch, but that was all I knew. I didn’t know that there were space witches, blood witches, or anything like that.

For my witchcraft, I’m very much an eccentric, I use what I need to use at that time. I don’t have a favorite or something I relate to the strongest because they all resonate within me the same amount. I just discovered them sooner or later in my life. Do I have a  favorite method of doing witchcraft? No, not really. I like them all. But if I was to list them in what I use most to what I use least it would look like this:

The first witchcraft I discovered was the foundation of all Wiccan and all witchcraft culture and that was to create a circle. To create a circle, you call upon the four elements. Not only do I faithfully call these elements in my work, I use them constantly. When I need to meditate, I meditate on them. When I need to do a minor ritual or spell, I just use them. I don’t bother with a god or goddess unless it’s for a celebration.

Of course that leads me to literature. I’m always studying and reading. I’m always picking up new books to read, rereading the ones that I have, or I’m just browsing through the library, hoping that one day I’ll be able to work in one. A lot of my books are on Wiccan and Witchcraft. Mostly so that I can improve on my ritual spells. I’m not as confident as I used to be when I was younger.

When I do my witchcraft is actually a witchcraft in itself. I’m a nighttime witch. My spells are strongest when I’m doing everything at night. Of course that leads me to astrology and it leads me to the hour of when I want to do the spell that I’m working on, all that jazz. But most importantly, I like to do a lot of my spells during the full moon, unless I feel an itch that I just need to do a random ritual to get something out of me. It happens a lot where I just need to let energy go.

Origami was one of the first things that I used in my spells besides ribbons. I know a lot of people use paper to burn or to tear or to write intention and then release, but I used origami for it was the least suspicious of my intentions and of my spell works. I’m not a closet witch in any sense of the means, but that doesn’t mean I want to go around bragging about it. If asked, or if curious, I’ll tell them.

I have done a lot of dream work in my time as well. One of my best friends always asks me if she can have her dreams interpreted and I always do my best to do that. I also keep a dream journal with me and I write down the dreams that I have. A lot of time, when I wake up, my dreams disappear before I can even write them down, but those that I have written down were terrifying. Interesting. And peculiar. I don’t do dream works as often as I used to since my dreams aren’t showing up or I just don’t write them down.

Sleepover Friday #9: Back from a long hiatus

Merry meet everyone and welcome to Sleepover Friday where I try to summarize what’s going on in my week so that you’re prepared to see what kind of reviews and what not, as well as a minor update on my life. Just so you know I didn’t suddenly die or something.

I know, I have only written one thing in June and I have barely written anything in May. You all knew that I was going to go to an England, Ireland, Wales tour with my college and I had been so excited to try to share my adventure with you guys, but…well…that tour wasn’t the greatest tour. I think I spent more time trying to get away from people than I was trying to be friends with them. Always go with a tour that has a specific thing that is interesting to you. If it’s too general, you’ll get a generalized group and…you’ll get a lot of disagreements in the process, let’s just go with that. So, since it was such a horrible trip and I wasn’t sure when I’d be going to another one, I decided to delete the travel part of the menu. I’ll keep you updated through Sleepover Friday’s any traveling adventures.

But Arjei! I hear you saying, what about A-kon?! It had a lot of people, I found a few good cosplays, but without permission of the cosplayers, I hesitate to post their pictures. But as for the con itself, I had fun only because I was with friends. If I was going by myself, or at least had been exploring the con by myself, I think that not only would I have saved a bunch of money (I’m sorry I shop under pressure!) and I would’ve been a little bored out of my mind.

Now that I can hear a few minds blown. Let me explain what I look for in a con. Energy. Energy is the entire reason I would go for a con. It’s not to shop or to cosplay. It’s not to show off anything. It’s to find a vibe. So far, my favorite vibe of any con that I had been to was Anime Fest back in the early two-thousands. You want crazy? You got crazy. I remember a time where four links were carrying a huge bomb and everyone was shouting “bomb”. Of course security issues are abound with that, but it was fun. I had the best memories from it.

Anime Matsuri is another one. I can tell you stories from two years ago of my first Anime Matsuri. That energy had been up the par crazy town. A lot of it was just cosplaying the right anime/visual novel, but some of it had been from being at the right place at the right time. I swear a lot of things that could happen, only happen because I’m just oblivious.

But A-on wasn’t all that exciting. The panels were decent, the people were kind, the staff certainly didn’t know how to direct people very well unless you went to an information desk and prayed the right person was there. There were a bunch of cosplayers, so many from Alice and Wonderland I couldn’t believe it (then again I was with the queen of hearts so…that’s probably why I saw so many), but I also felt like the energy was…at a down low. I don’t mind a relaxing con, but…not a boring relaxing con.

So after that, what did I do for June? I got busy with work and just re-start from going all over the place. You know, start myself back to square one. Now, I’m up and ready to do some stuff.

So, what can you expect from me?

I’ll be coming out with an anime review for Assassination Classroom. I know, it’s not a new anime, it’s not even an old anime, it’s somewhere right in between old and new. I know that already so many of you have probably seen it and made your own opinions, but I just recently decided to get myself into it. So please look forward to that. Right now I’m on episode five out of twenty-two.

I’m also going to be doing a book review as well. Last month I did a book tag where I told you guys what I thought about books based on a Nintendo consoles. I thought it was a lot of fun and I’m glad some of you thought so too. This time, there’s been so many books that I’ve been reading, I decided to go ahead and do a book review for this month. Now, it’s going to be a book that I had read last month and not this month since this month isn’t even over yet. I hope you guys are looking forward to that as well.

For this weeks sleepover question: How was June for you? What did you do last month? I know it’s two questions, but I felt like they go hand in hand. I hope to see you guys down in the comment section and as always, I’ll see you next time.




Sleepover Friday #8: Changes are Coming

Merry meet everyone and welcome to another Sleepover Friday. I’m sure you all missed me! I’m finally back from my trip to Ireland, Wales, and England, and I will be doing a blog about my adventures as well as a few photos soon in the week. I’m also going to be going to A-Kon during the next weekend so stay tuned for that as well!

So what am I up to if I haven’t gotten the travel blogs done yet? I’ve been recovering from strep throat. Yep, I got it once again right before I’m supposed to leave to go to A-kon. At least, I’ll be better by the time it’s time for me to go. But enough of that, what changes are coming to the blog?


That’s right, books are now going to be coming onto my blog. Once a month I will do one of three things: A book ramble, a book review, or a book tag. Sounds weird, I know. Let me break it down:

A book ramble is going to be either someone’s asked me my opinion on a specific something, or I just suddenly had a thought. For an example: I’m going to talk about my favorite fictional couple that I’m totally in love with today. Or maybe, I’m going to ramble about the problems that I see in today’s writers versus writers from a previous generation. It’s mostly opinion, opinion, opinion.

A book tag is something that I found on the book section in youtube. Depending on the tag, will depend on the questions and those questions will have my answers. You should all know how a tag works. Yes you’re supposed to tag people in order to do them, but…eh. I like doing things my own way.

A book review is exactly that. I’ll pick a book that I finished reading a month prior or so and just give you what I rated it on good reads, the pros and cons of the book, and my general over opinion of said book.

Now that won’t hurt my game reviews or my anime reviews because there are times where I do fall into a reading slump and I need to do something else in order to get myself back on my feet again.

So this month you have this to look forward to:

My traveling blogs from England, Wales, and Ireland.

My thoughts and opinions on A-Kon as well as some cosplayers I may see.

My first book tag of the month

Sleepover Fridays as usual.

And last but not least one Anime Review should be up as well. What anime am I reviewing? You will just have to wait and find out.

I hope you guys enjoyed your stay and are looking forward to the fresh summer of June. I wish you all the best and that I’ll see you again next week!

Sleepover Friday #7: Blog Hiatus

Merry meet everyone and welcome to another sleepover Friday. For those of you new, this is where I talk about my week and I leave a comment question at the bottom for you guys to answer to if you so want. This week and next week are going to have some pretty big things so I hope you stick around till the end.

This week I managed to finally after forever and a day complete my Hakuoki game review that I have been working on for months. School finally was let out, I finally had time to sit down and go through the rest of the routes and now is published, I’m super happy about that.

Don’t forget that mother’s day is coming up. Since I know my mom doesn’t read my blog (at all) and probably doesn’t even know that I have one, I’ll let you know now that her gift was a game of Exploding Kittens the NSFW version of it. I’ll have to try to figure out a way to leave a game review of that so that you guys can figure if you want to play it yourselves or not. I don’t know anything about it, so I can’t give as much information as I want to here.

Next week, there will be NO SLEEPOVER FRIDAYS for about two weeks or so. Reason? I’m traveling to Ireland, Wales, and England during that time. The blog will be on HIATUS until I return sometime during the last week of May. When I return, I’ll post up my travel blogs along with pictures that I have taken during my journey. I’m going to also attempt to video tape my adventure so that you guys can get the full experience on my youtube. When I get that up, I’ll make sure to leave you guys a link so that you can watch it.

I’m super excited for the trip. I have been to England before and my god it’s beautiful. I really am happy that I get to go back a second time even though it’s only for two days out of the eleven that I’m traveling.

What was the most memorable experience you had when you traveled? I believe that the most memorable experience for me for England was going to Bath and seeing the Roman Baths considering my pagan background. I think another memorable moment that I can recall is that my professor bought me a drink and we started talking about Shakespeare along with the other literature professors who were traveling with us and somehow, someway we decided that there should be a Shakespeare club in our college and that I should be president because he likes the way I pronounce the names. (I can’t pronounce names. Every time I came across a new name, I’d say it and he would just die laughing along with a few other students who /knew/ how to say it.) I hope to see your guys memorable moments in the comment section below!

I’ll see you guys when I return!

Sleepover Friday #6

Merry meet everyone and welcome! I hope your finals went smoothly if you were in school. Don’t forget there’s pizza on the counter and drinks are in the fridge. For those of you who are new to the blog, this is just a summery of what’s been going on during the week. At the bottom will be a comment question of the week so stay tuned for that.

This week has been…really weird. People are driving crazy on the highways and in the city. A few times I had to be a little more defensive than normal because of it. Not only that, people’s attitudes have been going off the roof, including my own. There’s been a lot of shootings that have been happening lately, so I’m hoping everyone’s safe.

Of course because of the weirdness the final went as smooth as a jagged rock. See my professor didn’t write the questions, another company did. Despite giving us a review sheet, a lot of questions she had us review weren’t on the test, and things she told us to skip over were. Hopefully she’ll figure that out and she’ll give a sliding scale though I doubt it. Which brings me to the following point.

Never put your eggs all in one basket. Never put your faith that someone who wrote a book knows more than you do. Question everything and double check everything. I could not believe the problems I had with that class because the professor put all of her faith in the book, she didn’t ask questions and when the students got frustrated and asked questions for her, she grew frustrated because what answer could she give? It was quite surprising no one dropped her class. I’m surprised I didn’t drop her class. Creative Writing was a monster, but this was hell too. It’s like professors given new technology all of the sudden forget how to teach.

Canvas is hell because it’s a disorganized mess. The Cengage site was  mess because no one knew how to do the math correctly and forget about the QuickBooks issues that we were having when we were trying to download files and write out answers and what not. You’d think that if you were going to promote a new program you would make sure that everything ran smoothly, and would provide all of the programs that Quickbooks would have to offer for students so that if they decide to run their own company they would continue to use their programs with a higher price and more access.

Instead the companies turned off a lot of students away from the programs. Why would I use Canvas when it’s not made for discussion or for any online classes? Why would I use Quickbooks when I don’t get to learn how to do payroll on it or any advanced techniques because I have to shell out six hundred dollars? I can do something much cheaper and that’s called using an Excel spreadsheet. Will it be harder? Fuck yeah. Will I make mistakes? Yep. That’s why you hire someone to double-check and hire someone to triple check until it’s so solid you can fight the IRS on it.

I don’t like making ranting blogs. I like to make blogs that tell you guys a little about my day and give you guys a little positivity because I know the world sucks. However, when you’re in college you’re paying for Professor’s to teach you, for them to know what they’re doing. When your technology center gives you a program, you should be taking a crash course on how to use that program. You don’t give roll it out on classes and call it and experiment. It causes failed grades, frustrated students and professors and you just cause a world of hurt.

Just the same as books should not force a professor to use a program that it comes with. One, that program was made by a business who has no idea of what college is about. I spent my time doing more scrolling than I did do math. I spent my time frustrated with how the site was run more than I spent my time asking my professor questions because my questions had nothing to do with the problem as it did with the site and…

You get the gist of it. Regardless, I’m hoping that sooner or later the Professors start realizing that they’re being used much like how high school teachers are and start standing up for themselves. I understand that Canvas is good for some classes and if it’s good for those classes and those professors then I’m certainly not telling them to rock the boat. But if it doesn’t help or enhance a class and a professor is confused on how to use it or uses it wrongly then there’s really no point in forcing that professor to use it. Just because it’s online doesn’t make it convenient. Just the same as just because you wrote a website and wrote a book doesn’t make you all knowledgeable about the subject.  It was the worst site I ever been on. It was like watching someone computer illiterate write code for the first time it was that bad.

Anyway, that’s all I have to say about that matter. Again, I don’t like writing ranting blogs much. I feel like there’s already too much negativity in the world and this week has been weird as heck. But I needed to vent.

Was your week as frustrating as mine? Go ahead and vent down in the comment section below.

Sometimes we all need to let off a little steam and writing’s the best method. I’ll see you guys next week.