About Me

Hello everyone! My name is Arjei and I welcome you to my blog. I suppose I should tell you a bit about myself and a bit about the blog so that you’re better to understand me and the content that I’m going to give.

I’m a fourth year in College right now. I’m trying to get my Associates Degree all settled in before I transfer to specialize in ASL or in some other form of language. I would like to speak an Asian language as I find their culture and stories fascinating and would like to visit either Japan or Korea one day. At the moment, I’m taking Accounting because I’m a stickler with my money.

As you can tell from the drop down menus, you’ll know that I’m Wiccan, I’m into makeup, I’m into traveling, I’m into anime, and I’m into gaming. I’ve been into video games since I was 5, thanks to my mother. I got into anime five years later, thanks to a bus acquaintance. Wiccanism was just a random thing I found and fell in love with and started researching more properly when I was fourteen/fifteen years old. It seems everything that I’m into happens around five years or so.

As for my blog I’ll break it down by category and then by the tags I have currently up.

ArjeiTalks is the personal side of my blog. It’s home to Sleepover Fridays, Wicca and Travel.

Sleepover Fridays are my weekly life updates where I’ll explain to you what’s been going on in my life. I’ll talk about school, make up, cosplay, game review updates, anime review updates, or anything that’s happened that I thought was interesting to me during my week. At the end of my blog, I ask a “sleepover question” for people to comment the answer to so that we can get a conversation going. This is a sleepover after all and exchanging stories is the best way to go. I try updating this around 10-midnight on Fridays (midnight would be a Saturday technically, but bear with me). I still need to make a featured photo so that people aren’t put off by just text XD.

Wicca are blogs about the holidays in the Wiccan calendar that I’m celebrating, or any type of ritual I think may be helpful to those who want it. If someone is curious or wants to know more about Wicca, I’ll do my best to post their answers here. I won’t go into too much detail about the religion since there’s already so many blogs and websites dedicated to the craft, but if there’s questions that people ask, I’ll be willing to give my point of view here. This blog is updated infrequently but if there’s a post, I normally try to post it in the evening.

Travel are blogs about travel obviously enough. Since I’ve been traveling overseas a lot lately, this blog is dedicated to my adventures there. It’s also a blog where I’ll talk about any vacation spots that I’ve been in. Not only will I talk about where I’ve traveled, but if someone asks me about tips on how to pack or something then this is where I’ll answer them. Depending on when I travel, sometimes my “travel” will take over Sleepover Fridays.  So, be weary of that. Updates here are infrequent as my traveling schedule could be nil to a bunch.

Game Reviews Is obviously the gaming side of the blog. It’s where I’ll post first impressions, detailed reviews on the game that I’m playing, and it’s where I’ll talk about how well I like the story. I won’t get too technical about if I like how the game plays on the console or not as I know that everyone’s gaming is different for everyone. The drop down menu here is going to be mostly genre based. So if there’s a game that you think that I should review, or that you think I may have already reviewed, go ahead and check and see if the genre is up there. Right now it’s just dating games as I’m so busy doing other things for college, I can only sit down and read rather than get too intense into a game at the moment. Though I do have plans for non-reading, non-dating games.

Anime currently has no drop down menus though that should change when June hits. The two drop downs that should be coming soon will be Reviews and Cons.

Reviews will be reviews of an anime that I’ve watched. Just like the games, I’ll do my best to give my first impression and as much detail as I can about the anime without giving too much away (though that’s why the “read more” was invented, right?). The reviews will most likely have it’s own drop-down menu and will be made into genres like the games are.  This will be updated infrequently as when I have time to watch an anime is usually during the summer.

Cons will overshadow Sleepover Fridays and Travel if I go to one. It’ll be a blog about what con I’m going to, the venue that it’s at, my impression, what’s going on at said con, memorable moments, things like that. Normally I have a bunch of funny stories that happened to me at cons. This may or may not get a drop down menu, it depends on how many cons I go, where I’m going and the location that I’m at. They will be updated probably about once a year as I only go to a con once a year. Twice by accident. (that’s a story).

Now that you know a little about the author and the kind of blog that I’m running, I hope that you’ll find something on this blog that makes you want to stay. It’s a multi-purpose blog but I do my best to try to organize everything in a neat fashion so that you can navigate without worry. If you find that I need to organize things better, please let me know I’m willing to work with what I got in order to make sure you can get around my blog safely and without harm.


Books That’s right, Books is now going to be it’s own category. This categeory is going to have three drop down menus that you can choose from. Everything from this category will be updated every second week or third week of the month. Which one I do will be completely random. Though you may get lucky and I’ll post two.

Book Reviews: As the name implies, I will rate the book that I finished reading the prior month before this one as sometimes I don’t finish a book on the second or third week, if ever. I’ll state my rating, my pros and cons, and then my general opinion over the book. I’ll keep it as non-spoiler as much as I possibly can.

Book Tag: If you have been on the internet long enough, you would know about tags. Tags are something that you provide questions, tag a person, and then they’re supposed to respond. Normally I just go searching for a tag and if anyone wants to do them, that’s absolutely fine by me. Just comment me down with a link so that I can see what you wrote!

Book Ramblings: Now this can get weird. Depending on my mood or if someone wanted me to go a bit further in my thoughts about a particular topic in a book that I read, I will write a post about something that I was thinking about the book, a fictional couple, plot line, whatever comes to mind. It is a ramble, opinion, and probably flawed in all sorts of majestic ways. You’re welcome.

I hope to see you soon!