Day #1 of 30 Days of Witchy Journaling

Merry meet everyone. I hope you guys don’t mind if I start talking a little bit about my Wicca and what I believe and so on and so forth. Lately, I just been feeling an itch that I need to scratch, but since my alter and my supplies are on a down-low and in need of some heavy maintenance, I’m hoping that if I talk a little about my thoughts about it, the itch will go away some what. Consider this just me rambling and you can ignore it if you want, unless of course you’re interested.

Then by all means follow the little white rabbit. He’s late you know.

Types of Witchcraft and what path are you on?

My path of witchcraft is a peculiar one. When I first began, I began in a traditional Wiccan way. I didn’t really know, nor understand that there were differences in pathways. I knew that there was a cottage witch, a green witch, and a kitchen witch, but that was all I knew. I didn’t know that there were space witches, blood witches, or anything like that.

For my witchcraft, I’m very much an eccentric, I use what I need to use at that time. I don’t have a favorite or something I relate to the strongest because they all resonate within me the same amount. I just discovered them sooner or later in my life. Do I have a  favorite method of doing witchcraft? No, not really. I like them all. But if I was to list them in what I use most to what I use least it would look like this:

The first witchcraft I discovered was the foundation of all Wiccan and all witchcraft culture and that was to create a circle. To create a circle, you call upon the four elements. Not only do I faithfully call these elements in my work, I use them constantly. When I need to meditate, I meditate on them. When I need to do a minor ritual or spell, I just use them. I don’t bother with a god or goddess unless it’s for a celebration.

Of course that leads me to literature. I’m always studying and reading. I’m always picking up new books to read, rereading the ones that I have, or I’m just browsing through the library, hoping that one day I’ll be able to work in one. A lot of my books are on Wiccan and Witchcraft. Mostly so that I can improve on my ritual spells. I’m not as confident as I used to be when I was younger.

When I do my witchcraft is actually a witchcraft in itself. I’m a nighttime witch. My spells are strongest when I’m doing everything at night. Of course that leads me to astrology and it leads me to the hour of when I want to do the spell that I’m working on, all that jazz. But most importantly, I like to do a lot of my spells during the full moon, unless I feel an itch that I just need to do a random ritual to get something out of me. It happens a lot where I just need to let energy go.

Origami was one of the first things that I used in my spells besides ribbons. I know a lot of people use paper to burn or to tear or to write intention and then release, but I used origami for it was the least suspicious of my intentions and of my spell works. I’m not a closet witch in any sense of the means, but that doesn’t mean I want to go around bragging about it. If asked, or if curious, I’ll tell them.

I have done a lot of dream work in my time as well. One of my best friends always asks me if she can have her dreams interpreted and I always do my best to do that. I also keep a dream journal with me and I write down the dreams that I have. A lot of time, when I wake up, my dreams disappear before I can even write them down, but those that I have written down were terrifying. Interesting. And peculiar. I don’t do dream works as often as I used to since my dreams aren’t showing up or I just don’t write them down.


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