Sleepover Friday #9: Back from a long hiatus

Merry meet everyone and welcome to Sleepover Friday where I try to summarize what’s going on in my week so that you’re prepared to see what kind of reviews and what not, as well as a minor update on my life. Just so you know I didn’t suddenly die or something.

I know, I have only written one thing in June and I have barely written anything in May. You all knew that I was going to go to an England, Ireland, Wales tour with my college and I had been so excited to try to share my adventure with you guys, but…well…that tour wasn’t the greatest tour. I think I spent more time trying to get away from people than I was trying to be friends with them. Always go with a tour that has a specific thing that is interesting to you. If it’s too general, you’ll get a generalized group and…you’ll get a lot of disagreements in the process, let’s just go with that. So, since it was such a horrible trip and I wasn’t sure when I’d be going to another one, I decided to delete the travel part of the menu. I’ll keep you updated through Sleepover Friday’s any traveling adventures.

But Arjei! I hear you saying, what about A-kon?! It had a lot of people, I found a few good cosplays, but without permission of the cosplayers, I hesitate to post their pictures. But as for the con itself, I had fun only because I was with friends. If I was going by myself, or at least had been exploring the con by myself, I think that not only would I have saved a bunch of money (I’m sorry I shop under pressure!) and I would’ve been a little bored out of my mind.

Now that I can hear a few minds blown. Let me explain what I look for in a con. Energy. Energy is the entire reason I would go for a con. It’s not to shop or to cosplay. It’s not to show off anything. It’s to find a vibe. So far, my favorite vibe of any con that I had been to was Anime Fest back in the early two-thousands. You want crazy? You got crazy. I remember a time where four links were carrying a huge bomb and everyone was shouting “bomb”. Of course security issues are abound with that, but it was fun. I had the best memories from it.

Anime Matsuri is another one. I can tell you stories from two years ago of my first Anime Matsuri. That energy had been up the par crazy town. A lot of it was just cosplaying the right anime/visual novel, but some of it had been from being at the right place at the right time. I swear a lot of things that could happen, only happen because I’m just oblivious.

But A-on wasn’t all that exciting. The panels were decent, the people were kind, the staff certainly didn’t know how to direct people very well unless you went to an information desk and prayed the right person was there. There were a bunch of cosplayers, so many from Alice and Wonderland I couldn’t believe it (then again I was with the queen of hearts so…that’s probably why I saw so many), but I also felt like the energy was…at a down low. I don’t mind a relaxing con, but…not a boring relaxing con.

So after that, what did I do for June? I got busy with work and just re-start from going all over the place. You know, start myself back to square one. Now, I’m up and ready to do some stuff.

So, what can you expect from me?

I’ll be coming out with an anime review for Assassination Classroom. I know, it’s not a new anime, it’s not even an old anime, it’s somewhere right in between old and new. I know that already so many of you have probably seen it and made your own opinions, but I just recently decided to get myself into it. So please look forward to that. Right now I’m on episode five out of twenty-two.

I’m also going to be doing a book review as well. Last month I did a book tag where I told you guys what I thought about books based on a Nintendo consoles. I thought it was a lot of fun and I’m glad some of you thought so too. This time, there’s been so many books that I’ve been reading, I decided to go ahead and do a book review for this month. Now, it’s going to be a book that I had read last month and not this month since this month isn’t even over yet. I hope you guys are looking forward to that as well.

For this weeks sleepover question: How was June for you? What did you do last month? I know it’s two questions, but I felt like they go hand in hand. I hope to see you guys down in the comment section and as always, I’ll see you next time.





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