Sleepover Friday #8: Changes are Coming

Merry meet everyone and welcome to another Sleepover Friday. I’m sure you all missed me! I’m finally back from my trip to Ireland, Wales, and England, and I will be doing a blog about my adventures as well as a few photos soon in the week. I’m also going to be going to A-Kon during the next weekend so stay tuned for that as well!

So what am I up to if I haven’t gotten the travel blogs done yet? I’ve been recovering from strep throat. Yep, I got it once again right before I’m supposed to leave to go to A-kon. At least, I’ll be better by the time it’s time for me to go. But enough of that, what changes are coming to the blog?


That’s right, books are now going to be coming onto my blog. Once a month I will do one of three things: A book ramble, a book review, or a book tag. Sounds weird, I know. Let me break it down:

A book ramble is going to be either someone’s asked me my opinion on a specific something, or I just suddenly had a thought. For an example: I’m going to talk about my favorite fictional couple that I’m totally in love with today. Or maybe, I’m going to ramble about the problems that I see in today’s writers versus writers from a previous generation. It’s mostly opinion, opinion, opinion.

A book tag is something that I found on the book section in youtube. Depending on the tag, will depend on the questions and those questions will have my answers. You should all know how a tag works. Yes you’re supposed to tag people in order to do them, but…eh. I like doing things my own way.

A book review is exactly that. I’ll pick a book that I finished reading a month prior or so and just give you what I rated it on good reads, the pros and cons of the book, and my general over opinion of said book.

Now that won’t hurt my game reviews or my anime reviews because there are times where I do fall into a reading slump and I need to do something else in order to get myself back on my feet again.

So this month you have this to look forward to:

My traveling blogs from England, Wales, and Ireland.

My thoughts and opinions on A-Kon as well as some cosplayers I may see.

My first book tag of the month

Sleepover Fridays as usual.

And last but not least one Anime Review should be up as well. What anime am I reviewing? You will just have to wait and find out.

I hope you guys enjoyed your stay and are looking forward to the fresh summer of June. I wish you all the best and that I’ll see you again next week!


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