Sleepover Friday #7: Blog Hiatus

Merry meet everyone and welcome to another sleepover Friday. For those of you new, this is where I talk about my week and I leave a comment question at the bottom for you guys to answer to if you so want. This week and next week are going to have some pretty big things so I hope you stick around till the end.

This week I managed to finally after forever and a day complete my Hakuoki game review that I have been working on for months. School finally was let out, I finally had time to sit down and go through the rest of the routes and now is published, I’m super happy about that.

Don’t forget that mother’s day is coming up. Since I know my mom doesn’t read my blog (at all) and probably doesn’t even know that I have one, I’ll let you know now that her gift was a game of Exploding Kittens the NSFW version of it. I’ll have to try to figure out a way to leave a game review of that so that you guys can figure if you want to play it yourselves or not. I don’t know anything about it, so I can’t give as much information as I want to here.

Next week, there will be NO SLEEPOVER FRIDAYS for about two weeks or so. Reason? I’m traveling to Ireland, Wales, and England during that time. The blog will be on HIATUS until I return sometime during the last week of May. When I return, I’ll post up my travel blogs along with pictures that I have taken during my journey. I’m going to also attempt to video tape my adventure so that you guys can get the full experience on my youtube. When I get that up, I’ll make sure to leave you guys a link so that you can watch it.

I’m super excited for the trip. I have been to England before and my god it’s beautiful. I really am happy that I get to go back a second time even though it’s only for two days out of the eleven that I’m traveling.

What was the most memorable experience you had when you traveled? I believe that the most memorable experience for me for England was going to Bath and seeing the Roman Baths considering my pagan background. I think another memorable moment that I can recall is that my professor bought me a drink and we started talking about Shakespeare along with the other literature professors who were traveling with us and somehow, someway we decided that there should be a Shakespeare club in our college and that I should be president because he likes the way I pronounce the names. (I can’t pronounce names. Every time I came across a new name, I’d say it and he would just die laughing along with a few other students who /knew/ how to say it.) I hope to see your guys memorable moments in the comment section below!

I’ll see you guys when I return!


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