Sleepover Friday #6

Merry meet everyone and welcome! I hope your finals went smoothly if you were in school. Don’t forget there’s pizza on the counter and drinks are in the fridge. For those of you who are new to the blog, this is just a summery of what’s been going on during the week. At the bottom will be a comment question of the week so stay tuned for that.

This week has been…really weird. People are driving crazy on the highways and in the city. A few times I had to be a little more defensive than normal because of it. Not only that, people’s attitudes have been going off the roof, including my own. There’s been a lot of shootings that have been happening lately, so I’m hoping everyone’s safe.

Of course because of the weirdness the final went as smooth as a jagged rock. See my professor didn’t write the questions, another company did. Despite giving us a review sheet, a lot of questions she had us review weren’t on the test, and things she told us to skip over were. Hopefully she’ll figure that out and she’ll give a sliding scale though I doubt it. Which brings me to the following point.

Never put your eggs all in one basket. Never put your faith that someone who wrote a book knows more than you do. Question everything and double check everything. I could not believe the problems I had with that class because the professor put all of her faith in the book, she didn’t ask questions and when the students got frustrated and asked questions for her, she grew frustrated because what answer could she give? It was quite surprising no one dropped her class. I’m surprised I didn’t drop her class. Creative Writing was a monster, but this was hell too. It’s like professors given new technology all of the sudden forget how to teach.

Canvas is hell because it’s a disorganized mess. The Cengage site was  mess because no one knew how to do the math correctly and forget about the QuickBooks issues that we were having when we were trying to download files and write out answers and what not. You’d think that if you were going to promote a new program you would make sure that everything ran smoothly, and would provide all of the programs that Quickbooks would have to offer for students so that if they decide to run their own company they would continue to use their programs with a higher price and more access.

Instead the companies turned off a lot of students away from the programs. Why would I use Canvas when it’s not made for discussion or for any online classes? Why would I use Quickbooks when I don’t get to learn how to do payroll on it or any advanced techniques because I have to shell out six hundred dollars? I can do something much cheaper and that’s called using an Excel spreadsheet. Will it be harder? Fuck yeah. Will I make mistakes? Yep. That’s why you hire someone to double-check and hire someone to triple check until it’s so solid you can fight the IRS on it.

I don’t like making ranting blogs. I like to make blogs that tell you guys a little about my day and give you guys a little positivity because I know the world sucks. However, when you’re in college you’re paying for Professor’s to teach you, for them to know what they’re doing. When your technology center gives you a program, you should be taking a crash course on how to use that program. You don’t give roll it out on classes and call it and experiment. It causes failed grades, frustrated students and professors and you just cause a world of hurt.

Just the same as books should not force a professor to use a program that it comes with. One, that program was made by a business who has no idea of what college is about. I spent my time doing more scrolling than I did do math. I spent my time frustrated with how the site was run more than I spent my time asking my professor questions because my questions had nothing to do with the problem as it did with the site and…

You get the gist of it. Regardless, I’m hoping that sooner or later the Professors start realizing that they’re being used much like how high school teachers are and start standing up for themselves. I understand that Canvas is good for some classes and if it’s good for those classes and those professors then I’m certainly not telling them to rock the boat. But if it doesn’t help or enhance a class and a professor is confused on how to use it or uses it wrongly then there’s really no point in forcing that professor to use it. Just because it’s online doesn’t make it convenient. Just the same as just because you wrote a website and wrote a book doesn’t make you all knowledgeable about the subject.  It was the worst site I ever been on. It was like watching someone computer illiterate write code for the first time it was that bad.

Anyway, that’s all I have to say about that matter. Again, I don’t like writing ranting blogs much. I feel like there’s already too much negativity in the world and this week has been weird as heck. But I needed to vent.

Was your week as frustrating as mine? Go ahead and vent down in the comment section below.

Sometimes we all need to let off a little steam and writing’s the best method. I’ll see you guys next week.




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