Sleepover Friday #5

Merry meet everyone and welcome back to sleepover Friday. I hope you all had a wonderful week this week. It’s almost the end of April and the beginning of May so for those of you who are in school and working really hard on finals, I wish you the best of luck and good vibes to you as you study.

Normally I would talk to you about what’s going on in my week, but since it is finals week for many of us, I decided to go ahead and see what I can’t do to help you guys study and to offer you encouragement along the way. I’m sure a lot of you have a thousand of books on your desk, papers strewn across your floors and you’re listening to good music as you do your best to buckle down and work with what you got.

A few things that helped me when I study for my courses is to know what’s going to be on the final. Plenty of professors offer review sheets to help study. However, there are some professors who see this as a waste of time and don’t think that student utilize the review sheets as they should. If your professor is one of them, then don’t panic. It just means that we might be memorizing a few things that aren’t really needed.

First thing I like to do is go over the review sheet and pick out concepts or definitions that I know and what I have problems understanding. Those that I do know, I just merely scan over. Those that I don’t know, I take a notebook out and I pretend that I’m writing out a lesson plan based on those concepts. If I was teaching this subject on this particular topic, how would I want to be taught? If I don’t have a review sheet, then what do I think were the most important topics that were covered during the semester? What key points do I think would be most likely on the test?  I’d look them up in the book, skim, mark, and make my own “review” sheet.

Of course what if you don’t understand the concept well enough to teach it? Go back into your textbook and skim the chapter. That’s right, you’re not reading the chapter, you’re skimming out. What am I talking about? Let’s say you’re reading a history textbook and you have a paragraph that’s talking about Bacon’s Rebellion. Pick out the main events that happened in that event and take note of it. You don’t need to know every single detail, just the main ones. The main ones would most likely be how did this event occur, when did it occur, who were the main players, and what was the consequences of that event after it was over.

Now what if you were someone that thought that the textbook wasn’t useful and decided not to get it? Well, this is where a study group is comes in handy. Not only will someone have a book, but you can share your notes as well. You’ll also get an opportunity to teach it to someone should they need help and you’ll get an opportunity to be taught by someone if there’s something you don’t understand.

If your finals are your papers and you’re trying to do research, utilize two sources: your school library and google scholar. Depending on your college one is actually better than the other. In my college, google scholar is a fucking life saver and my school library is a nightmare, but I don’t know what your college resources may look like. But use it to your advantage and if your college as something called a Writing Center or has English tutors, use them. Use them so hard that they start begging to be paid for their jobs. They are the best sounding board, the best editors and I can tell you that every time I asked them for help I have always gotten an A on my papers. They’re that good.

Last piece of advice for you is to chill. You’re probably thinking to yourself “Chill? I lost my chill. My chill is hotter than hell right now, I don’t have time to chill” and you do. You do have time to chill. After every hour of study, spend thirty minutes doing something else. Read a book, listen to music, step away from your textbook and do something else. Your brain can only take so much information all at once. If you try to cram information last minute, you’re going to freeze on something that you should have known the answer to, to begin with. Breathe for thirty minutes, and then go back to studying.

I wish you guys the best of luck on your exams. I know that this week is going to be stressful for many of you and I know that you guys are going to do your absolute best. I’m proud of you for getting so far and you should be proud of yourselves as well. Before you go, what tips or tricks for studying have you come up with during finals? What worked and didn’t work for you? Answer me down in the comments!

As always, I hope you have a wonderful night.





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