Sleepover Friday #3

Merry meet everyone and Welcome to Sleepover Friday. For those of you just joining in, get comfortable in pjs, dish out some pizza, and let’s talk about our week. This week I didn’t have too much going on, but there was an event that happened at school today that I’d like to talk about.

I went to my mother’s college art show. I would love to show you her drawings, but she asked me not to post them online. She doesn’t like any of the work that she did for the show, as she felt like it wasn’t her best and that she was still rusty at her art. Unfortunately, after the art show was completed, my mom announced to me that she will be withdrawing from the art class to try again next semester as she just didn’t realize how far behind she was in the class, and she worried about not keeping up with the workload.

I understand completely. My mother decided to take two art type of classes. A Creative Writing with me and drawing. She told me that she didn’t realize that the creativity came from two separate mindsets and that she can only focus on one while the other suffers. I explained that’s probably why I cannot draw to save my life, but I can write decently. So, she’ll drop that class to try again.

Speaking of dropping classes and how I can write, I decided to withdraw from my own creative writing class too. The Canvas program that was installed into our classroom isn’t a program made for English classes or discussion classes at all. I can’t even call what we’re doing a “discussion” and more of “pass around the weakest sounding compliment you can”. My writing is suffering terribly from this class too. I feel like I’m writing more like a high schooler than I am a college student. It’s cringing and I can’t stand it. I know that every artist feels that way, but when you know your quality dropped and you know you could do better and you know what the cause of it is, just drop it and try something else. Not everyone works with the same medium and it turns out, online creative writing is just not something I can do. I can get better feedback on Tumblr and that’s….almost insulting.

Since Creative Writing will be out of the way, I should finally be able to get through Hijikata’s route on Saturday, possibly get through Chikage’s as well during that time too since it’s a short 5 chapter route and you’re pretty much trying to get the “normal” route without going “normal”.

I don’t know what game I will be playing after that. May is final’s week and then in the middle of it I travel to Ireland, Wales and England again. Then in the beginning of June I go to Akon as well. I think I’ll have time in the middle of June to play something hard core.

Oh speaking of Akon, one of my friends, let’s call her R is going to do her first cosplay contest. I’m super excited about that. What I’m not excited about is the location. I haven’t been there since my best friend’s high school graduation, but I can’t imagine it being a good venue for the con. But we can’t exactly use the hotel that we were at either. The best place for photo shoots got torn apart so that a waterpark could be built there instead, and the hotel staff didn’t really want us to return was the rumor as well.

I’m a little concerned about returning to Anime Matsuri though. I heard from the grapevine that the person that had been hosting it wasn’t a very good person. The year that I last went was awful too. The panels weren’t doing so great, the atmosphere was all off, and the dealer’s room hadn’t been the most exciting I been too either. I was quite glad that the last year wasn’t my first year, otherwise I would’ve been a lot more disappointed in it.

I think that’s all you’ll find of interest. Here’s a question for you: was there a time in your life where you had to quit something you thought was good for you, and discovered that you were better off without it?

I’ll talk to you soon.


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