Sleepover Friday #2

Oh man! Merry meet, everyone and what a week it’s been. I thought that I wouldn’t have much to say, but I guess things just have a habit of popping up. Oh! For those of you now to my blog, this is sleepover Friday. It’s mostly a time to catch you up on what’s happening with me during the week and what my plans may be for the upcoming week. Down below I’ll post a comment question of the week so that we can share stories if you want.

Let’s start with what’s happened in the last few days from latest to earliest.

On Sunday I managed to get myself into a car accident. Don’t worry, everyone was fine. Just a few dings, a file claim and a police report and everything is good. It was mostly a hassle than it was that someone was injured school I would take any day. I know everyone would want to know what happened, but I don’t know when that’s safe to do so. I’ll probably explain more next week or so.

I finished Amnesia: Memories before I got Hakuoki done. I suppose I can’t be too surprised it was a fast game. Hakuoki has so many chapters and characters while Amnesia has a lot of characters but it’s only three hours worth of game play if you want the good ends. Considering that school is starting to wrap up for the year, my time is starting to get really, really tight. I have homework and I have to study the best that I can, so Hakuoki might not get done till the beginning of May! I feel a little bad about that.

Do you remember last week I was talking about doing a new skin care routine with Paula’s Choice Calm series? I finally have been using the cleanser and the exfoliate for about a week now. It feels really good on my skin. The exfoliate burns my skin a bit, but that’s alright. It’s not a burn that I can’t handle. I still need to get the moisturizers and try those alongside the cleanser, but I need to buy those one at a time.

I also finished my poem. I had decided to do a pantoum, it’s a weird type of poem that I think would be fun to practice more. So I’ll keep it in. Ind when I feel an urge to write one.  Though now the writing assignment is to write a creative nonfiction or a memoir. At least a creative nonfiction is allowed, but how much research is she wanting? That’s the problem with that. The memoir part, well…at least she wasn’t specific about what kind of memoir it needed to be. Too often I get professors who think that telling about the nitty gritty is a way to get to know the students, when honestly those are horrible to remember and to write. So if I had to write a memoir, I think I’ll just talk about things that happened to me that were funny and not brutal.

I also went to the eye doctor this week as well. Apparently my eyes haven’t changed so I can continue wearing the same prescription eye contacts I’ve been wearing for a year. That’s lucky, I hate adjusting to new glasses or contacts, the headaches and the strain it puts on my eyes is the worst.

That’s mostly it for what’s going on in my life. Here’s a question for you: What games do you enjoy playing? It doesn’t have to be just video games. But any kind. My favorite game is Cards Against Humanity, I love the vulgarity of it. I also enjoy playing Legend of Zelda too. Maybe during the summer I do a few reviews on some games that I enjoy. It’ll be a baised review, but…it’ll be okay.

Alright, you all have a wonderful night.


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