Sleepover Friday #1

Merry meet everyone and welcome to the first Sleepover Friday. Sleepover Fridays are going to be days where I post about what’s happened during the week and whatever plans I might have for next week. It’s also a time where I encourage conversation in the comment section as well. I’ll give a question to answer at the bottom of the sleepover post.

Let’s get started with what’s happening right now. Currently I’m working on two reviews on the Game section of my blog. I’m working on Hakuoki Stories of the Shinsengumi and Amnesia:Memories. In Hakuoki I’m just finishing up Hijikata’s route and after that I’ll be working on Chikage’s and that will be the end of the review and I’ll post it up. For Amnesia I finished all four of the main routes, I’ll be working on the unlocked one probably sometime during the week. The two reviews should be out sometime next week if things go as planned.

My schedule for my work finally came back to normal. Lately I’ve been working 5-6 hour shifts nonstop because we’re so understaffed. Now I’m back to a 5-4 hour shift which is quite nice and I won’t be so tired when I come home from work. Today I was so exhausted, I couldn’t roleplay (writing wise) with my sister and I kept falling asleep on her. I felt so bad.

I’m also a college student. I’m taking first year accounting and first year creative writing. I’m not too fond of the creative writing course as the program that it’s on is disorganized and there’s too much scrolling for me to read and accurately do the assignments. Apparently this program is supposed to go into affect next year, but I’m hoping that they ditch that effort quickly. For some classes it’s alright, but for English classes or any class where discussion is a must, it’s not a good program to have.

I have a writing assignment that’s due on Sunday. I know I needed to work on it sooner rather than later, so I’ll probably do that Saturday night since my sister and I don’t have any plans. Thursday I skipped school because they were doing a tour of the campus for the high school students and I know what kind of mess that is. There were hardly any parking spaces so the professors were letting students go home early so that parking spaces could be made. I know too well that just because spaces are made doesn’t mean people know how to drive. Out here, if something out of the ordinary happens like a train coming down the railroad tracks, all of the sudden they can’t remember how to drive. I can handle old people, but college students are the worst at driving down the parking lot. They don’t share the damn road >_<.

I’ve recently started to research things about skin care and make up. I’m not the type of person that wears make up frequently or really cares about her skin. However I’m about to be in my mid-twenties soon and I’m starting to see that my skin needs some love and care. I also noticed that I’m doing something wrong with my make up, but I can’t put my finger onto what I might be doing wrong. It’s foundation issues and the need for a primer, I know that’ll help. I just don’t know if that’ll solve the issue that I’m having or not. I bought myself some skin care from Paula’s Choice. I have also stumbled across a few resources that Jin from TuxCosplay (behindinfinity) gave to their followers about the make up that they uses and the sites that they frequently look at in order to judge what’s the best make up, the best everything really. My mom wants the links, so I’ll have to remind myself to copy and past them from here.

Beautypedia by Paula – This is a site where they review harshly on what products work and don’t work. It’s not just written by costumers, but by experts. It was pretty shocking to me that my cleanser that I had been using at the time wasn’t a good product to use, and in fact was probably one of the worst things to have on my face.

CosDNA  -This tells you what’s inside the product that you’re looking at and if it’s harmful to you. I believe the numbers on the products refer to the PH levels that they have inside. Though please don’t take my word for it. It’s not updated frequently, so take things with a grain of salt. Same for the reviews.

I think that’s all the main things I wanted to say tonight. I wanted to let you guys know where I was at in my reviews what I did and what I plan to do. Here’s your first Friday Night sleepover question: What were the top three things that happened to you this week? Leave me a comment down below! I hope you enjoyed your sleepover. I know I did.

I’ll see you guys on the flipside :).






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