Game Review: Amnesia:Memories

Merry meet everyone! I’m sorry if the otome series is starting to bore you, but I do have a list of games and anime that I do want to review. A lot old, some new, so be patient as school finally draws to a close.

Now, Amnesia: Memories. No one recommended this to me, I just discovered it on my own. Ah, well that’s not entirely true. I heard that there was an anime based off of the visual novel, and like all reviews they recommended that I play the visual novel first before I watch the anime. I had been quite curious about this game for some time and luckily my sister shares my steam account so I was able to borrow it from her in order to see if it’s something that I would enjoy.

Let me explain: Amnesia: Memories is about a young girl who accidentally gets a spirit named Orion absorbed into her mind. Since his presence is so strong, her memories were taken. In order to push him back out, you need to regain the memories that you lost. You only knew two thing  about you in the prologue of the game. Your name, and the world that you want to go into.

Depending on the world that you want, a different story unfolds as it’s a universe that’s always different yet the same. Your relationships with your friends and your lover is always different and while the attitudes are the same (besides the manager and mine mostly) they react to you in many different ways. You have four choices to begin with, Diamond, Heart, Clover, and Spade the same as the pack of cards. Each world has 3 endings. Bad, Normal, and Good. Getting the Good endings for all four worlds and you unlock a world called the Joker world, which tells you more about the MC, the parallel universes you’ve been visiting, and about Orion.

Like I have done in my reviews if you know by now, I’ll be splitting this review up into two sections. One section will be the overall game and what I thought about it. A general review if you will. It won’t have any spoilers in it, so you’ll be safe to read it. Underneath the “read more” cut that I’ll make, I’ll review more in depth about the routes I chose, the way I chose them, and my reactions to what I saw.

The ratings will look like this:

  • Overall game score
  • What could be changed
  • What was done right
  • Recommended.

The highest you can get is five of 32e973f84ec51d827434caddddbd5873.jpg. The lowest you can get is a one, which means that I didn’t finish the game it was too boring for me to continue. For the route ratings it’ll look something like this:

  • Character likability?
  • Love Authenticity?
  • Does this route make sense in regards to the story?
  • Is the route replayable?

Let’s begin with the general review first.

Overall Game Score: 32e973f84ec51d827434caddddbd5873.jpg32e973f84ec51d827434caddddbd5873.jpg32e973f84ec51d827434caddddbd5873.jpg32e973f84ec51d827434caddddbd5873.jpg32e973f84ec51d827434caddddbd5873.jpg

What could be changed: Toma’s route. It’s horrifying, and creepy and even though I got a good end, I feel like all I did was play a tame bad ending. He made my skin crawl and I felt sick to my stomach as I went through his route. It’s unfortunate, but unless you unlock all four character good endings, you can’t get the fifth. Which is the true route of the game as well. If anything, I really wish that Toma’s “crazy” was toned down to an extreme. I understand girls liking him, but at the same time I can’t help but to fear those girls who like him. Yes, liking a character knowing that he’s problematic is a good thing. It means acknowledging that he’s a bad person (e.g: Loki fans), but there’s a difference between being a “villain” and being a “psychopath” and there’s a reason why psychopaths have more fan-clubs than villains do. Just saying.

I’ve also noticed a few minor typos in the PC game, but it’s easy to ignore. Please do so.

What they got right: Oh my god the voice acting. The background music is beautiful.  I especially love the art-style and graphics, I love how the characters are designed. I like Ikki’s and Shin’s design the most. It does make me want to watch the anime adaptation of the game, and see how it holds up and compares. It’s not fair, but at the same time a lot of fans do it. I also like that they kept the Parallel Universe theme to a T. Every route you take is different. Toma’s and Shin’s are the only ones where you’re childhood friends/siblings consistently. I like that the plots make sense to the character…despite the problems…and I enjoy Orion. Orion is the best inner voice ever. Also, I’m really happy that the “love” route (the one where it’s pure romance and little to no plot) is actually done quite well. The otome games that I’ve played have that type of person usually is boring or I don’t really like how the MC and the character click.

Recommended? Yes.

I have noticed in other reviews that there’s been some people who are a little uncomfortable about the MC and the guys that she chose so allow me to be clear. The only route that I’d be most concerned with is Toma’s route. It’s not a route that one should take if they have thin skin. A lot of things in that route made me uncomfortable and I understand why it’d make some others uncomfortable. That said, I didn’t see much wrong about the other routes. Yes. Shin’s aggressive sometimes. That’s his character flaw and he won’t abuse nor hurt the MC. Ikki does act too nonchalant with the MC, but you have to remember you have amnesia, there’s a good chance that you and Ikki had agreements not to be too open and too demanding of each other to begin with. Kent is a little too cold. Which is understandable if you take his route and see it from his point of view. Ukyou has split personality. I say nothing more. If these things bother you, then I wouldn’t pick the game.

I hope that you enjoyed my review. If you wish to read more, then click the button. Just remember that spoilers are down there. Other than that, I will see you again on another journey.

The characters that you can woo goes as follows:

  • Toma (diamond)
  • Shin (heart)
  • Ikki (spades)
  • Kent (clover)

Once you finish all of the routes for the Hero’s Good End (which is what I’m doing) you will unlock:

  • Ukyou (Joker) Be warned that if you do decide to read all of the routes I do mention a lot of spoilers in this one. I know that there is a lot of spoilers mentioned in the routes anyway, but since he’s the true route, take caution. If you don’t want to be spoiled for that route then please don’t read the end.


To be honest, I don’t know what I was expecting when I first started the game. With Men of Yoshiwara I knew that I was going to be in the red-light district so I was prepared for that and Hakuoki I knew was going to be action packed. But this game, I don’t even know where to begin.

Anyway, Toma is one of the two childhood friends of ours that’s kind of like the big brother figure for you. Plenty of your memories are memories from when you’re kids, when you couldn’t sleep by yourself, when you broke a toy and started crying, when you were lost on your way home from Kindergarten and met him. He’s kind, polite, and checks up on you a lot. He protects you from anything scary like the harassment emails that you get as well.

I decided to choose Toma first by deciding to go to the “Diamond” world. He tells you that you guys are dating when you collapse, but he doesn’t act like you are. In fact, he goes out of his way to remind you constantly that you’re not his type, that you’re like a little sister to him. It’s a batch of mixed signals only made worse since you have amnesia.

One of the few memorable scenes from this route was the lingre shop. I started cracking up at the CG it produced and I really loved the BMG that was playing as well. Very catchy and it set the tone nicely for a shopping trip around the strip mall.

Though things did take for the worst when you find out in order to keep you confined to the apartment, he started drugging you. How fucked up can this route get? You get put into a cage, he still treats you like a captive and a child. And I’m starting to wonder if I managed to get a bad end while following a good ending walkthrough!!!!!

I’m concerned, I’m very, very concerned.

Character likability: 32e973f84ec51d827434caddddbd5873.jpg32e973f84ec51d827434caddddbd5873.jpg

I was really prepared to like the guy. I thought that he was going to be the older-brother friendship romance! Instead it turned into a nasty dark twisted spiral of corrupted love and possessive behavior. It sets me to be prepared for the other routes. Especially now that I know that insanity is a theme. I don’t like possessive guys at all. They bother me, scare me, and worse of all I get creeped out by them. Showing some possessiveness is okay. If you have to go so far as to lock me up in a cage though.

Love Authenticity: 32e973f84ec51d827434caddddbd5873.jpg

Did I try to like this character? Yes. Did I like how they were in love? No. Again, I’m not into the possessive creepy types, no matter what the excuse is. You’re trying to protect me from harassment and death, but at the same time you’re just as terrifying because you have me trapped, my free will is gone, and worst of all it could get worse. It could get so much worse.

The MC’s meekness to the idea that they could be in love with one another even after all of that trauma is horrifying. Orion spoke my mind throughout that entire route about what was happening and what was going on.

Does this route make sense in regards to the story? 32e973f84ec51d827434caddddbd5873.jpg

One minute you have a nice brother figure trying to help you out with harassment, and then he’s the one that’s harassing you. Suddenly that’s how you show love, and it’s just…there’s really nothing I liked about this route. I really, really hate the plot twist.

Is the route replayable?32e973f84ec51d827434caddddbd5873.jpg

If the bad ends had murder in them, I would love to see what the bad ends would look like. At the same time, I don’t think I’d play his route for any other reason.


Now that I’m a little more prepared about what’s going to happen in this game, I can probably continue on wards. What’s better than to do Shin’s route? The next little brother-figure in the MC’s life.  If Toma’s insanity is how possessive he is with the MC, I’m expecting something along those lines from him. He’s a lot more colder but I wouldn’t call him stoic.

He’s very blunt and first day he just barges into your room, kisses you awake to see if that’ll work and then leaves. I don’t know why, but that scene cracked me up and Orion’s reactions were priceless. I’m kind of glad that Orion has a sensible inner voice here, he makes the game interesting and fresh. But enough about that; we’re talking about Shin.

So far, he’s the most understanding about the amnesia problem that you’re having and he’s willing to offer up information about you and about himself. Which is nice. It was a pain going through a lot of trouble in Toma’s route. But here, it’s just matter of fact. I have a feeling I shouldn’t be getting too comfortable though. Especially if what happened into Toma’s route is what I think is tame.

Shin’s route actually surprised me in the end. When I thought I knew what the game’s theme was, it changed on me. Then again, Orion did say in the prologue that no matter the world you choose it’s parallel. People will act different towards you depending on what they are.

So the plot of this route is that you fell off a cliff and Shin’s suspected of attempted murder since his father had killed someone due to involuntary manslaughter. Your testimonies don’t match up, and since you don’t have your memories, you’re a bit screwed. It’s the murder-mystery plot that a lot of the otome games I noticed seem to have in common. But Shin really did feel responsible, he thought it was his fault and apologized to your family, you.

He figures out your amnesia right away, and he figures that someone had pushed you off the cliff as well as the story progresses. He has a tendency to lie, but all for good reasons and he tricks you in order to get some of the information that he needs. Is he nice? No not really, but he does try his best to protect you.

Though I have to admit it was an adorable route too. Orion with the maid cafe, the firework scene where he tells you a bit more about his past, and all of the memories that you gain are in quick progress unlike in Toma’s where it was drawn out and you couldn’t remember much besides your childhood.

Character likability: 32e973f84ec51d827434caddddbd5873.jpg32e973f84ec51d827434caddddbd5873.jpg32e973f84ec51d827434caddddbd5873.jpg32e973f84ec51d827434caddddbd5873.jpg

God was I prepared for the worst when I started this route. I knew that he was going to be blunt and he was going to be a little cold towards the MC, but after the disaster of what we’d call Toma’s route, I was really expecting something a lot worse to happen. Instead, I was surprised at how this character developed, how authentic he was, and I liked that he wasn’t a fucking psychopath like his child-hood friend/brother. It made my heart sigh in relief, but it makes me a little worried about the bad ending.

Love Authenticity: 32e973f84ec51d827434caddddbd5873.jpg32e973f84ec51d827434caddddbd5873.jpg32e973f84ec51d827434caddddbd5873.jpg32e973f84ec51d827434caddddbd5873.jpg32e973f84ec51d827434caddddbd5873.jpg

He goes about it in a round-about way, but he’s passionate. He confessed to you in the music room and you denied him. However, he managed to get a chance after he brought up some…fairly decent points. He really cares about the MC and he does what he can to help her bring back memories. He’s assertive and he pushes you to your limit, but at the same time he does try to tone it down when he notices that you’re still in pain. He helps you learn your job again, and he’s determined not only to clear his name, but he doesn’t want to see you hurt because of his findings either.

Does the route make sense to the story: 32e973f84ec51d827434caddddbd5873.jpg32e973f84ec51d827434caddddbd5873.jpg32e973f84ec51d827434caddddbd5873.jpg32e973f84ec51d827434caddddbd5873.jpg32e973f84ec51d827434caddddbd5873.jpg

There’s not a part in the route that jarred me and made me re-think about Shin’s character, nor was there a part in the route that made me wonder what the hell just happened either. It’s a nice, even flow.

Is the route replayable: 32e973f84ec51d827434caddddbd5873.jpg32e973f84ec51d827434caddddbd5873.jpg32e973f84ec51d827434caddddbd5873.jpg32e973f84ec51d827434caddddbd5873.jpg32e973f84ec51d827434caddddbd5873.jpg

I liked this story, so I’m almost wondering what the normal route would be and how that’d effect the relationship.


In the last two routes, I noticed that Toma and Shin play the friend/brother type of relationship, but that parallel universe Orion was talking about really comes into play here. Shin doesn’t know you very well at all. Toma’s really your stepbrother so it appears. Even the manager is different, a lot more harsh than in Shin’s. I’m a little surprised, but again, Parallel Universe. No one’s reaction is going to be the same, so let’s continue on.

To explain, you woke up in your room this time and you can’t remember anything. You know that you were dating Ikki, but apparently it’s on the down low. At least that’s how it appears. Further along the road, you find that he made a wish on a star to be popular with women and now anytime a woman holds his gaze they’re enthralled by him. He has a fan-club that he’s apart of, and the fan club has a few rules regarding how to react to Ikki. One, no monopolizing his time. Two, they follow his rule about the 3 month date. They break up with him so that other girls get their turn to do that as well.

Apparently, you’re also apart of the fan club though you go to different universities. You really don’t understand the reason why you’re apart of it, but you are. However, since you’re not one of the people that can be entranced by his eyes, he takes a sincere liking to you. Going as far as to asking you to move in with him by the time the month is up since you don’t want to leave the city due to your dad’s remarriage and “selfishness” about your working habits.

Just like in Shin’s route, you work at a maid cafe. I have never worked in one before (though I would like to try one day), but I have worked as a a waitress before and a lot of this is painfully reminiscent to when I was working at a restaurant. The manager might be a little unrealistic, but everything else? Oh yes. I understand the pain.

Character Likability: 32e973f84ec51d827434caddddbd5873.jpg 32e973f84ec51d827434caddddbd5873.jpg32e973f84ec51d827434caddddbd5873.jpg

Ikki has a good personality, he does try to be sincere no matter that he’s dating the girl for three months and he really struggles with the curse his eyes give him. The only problem I had liking this character though is that everything he did, I wouldn’t have liked if we were dating. There were moments where even I was confused on his sincerity and his graciousness. I understand that before the MC had amnesia they had come to an agreement, and as long as they did, that’s fine. But…I don’t know. Something about him rubs me the wrong way.

Love Authenticity: 32e973f84ec51d827434caddddbd5873.jpg32e973f84ec51d827434caddddbd5873.jpg32e973f84ec51d827434caddddbd5873.jpg32e973f84ec51d827434caddddbd5873.jpg

Considering that they have come to an agreement about what was to happen when they were dating for three months, that Ikki could win her over by the three months, and so on and so forth, they were quite clear about the time limit and about what they agreed on. He doesn’t do anything without her consent, though there was a forciful kiss that happened, but other than that, he’s strict about wanting consent. He refuses to be the kind of person that would take advantage over someone because he all his life was being taken advantage of by the fan club.

He does treat the MC with respect and so does the MC when she remembers the rules, or follows the examples from whatever vague memory she could get. He does indeed value her, and he cares a great deal.

Does the route make sense with the story? 32e973f84ec51d827434caddddbd5873.jpg32e973f84ec51d827434caddddbd5873.jpg32e973f84ec51d827434caddddbd5873.jpg32e973f84ec51d827434caddddbd5873.jpg32e973f84ec51d827434caddddbd5873.jpg

Once more, this route didn’t do anything that was jarring to me. I was a little confused by Ikki’s personality and his character, but as the route progressed and I received more information, as well as the MC, I started to figure out what was going on fairly easily.  At least no one was being tossed off a cliff this time.

Is the route replayable? 32e973f84ec51d827434caddddbd5873.jpg32e973f84ec51d827434caddddbd5873.jpg32e973f84ec51d827434caddddbd5873.jpg

I might play it for a normal ending rather than a good. I might try for a bad. I’m not sure. But at the same time if I was going to play the good end route, I don’t know. I’m still a little puzzled if I like the character or not. I liked him in Toma’s route, but that’s because I thought it was interesting she had a friend that was a guy who was pretty close to her.


He’s hard to pin. He’s a logical, robotic type of romantic interest who had a fight with you a few days before you lost your memories. I guess the MC started ignoring him after that, but then he invites you out so that you guys could talk it over. Though the more the conversation turns, the more Kent becomes suspicious that the MC has really changed. However, the change is for the good and he begins to open up and stop being too overly clinical about things.

While it’s one of the rockier starts of a route, I really enjoyed this. Yes, he talks like a robot sometimes and he doesn’t really make sense, but as the route progresses, you get to know him better. Like the few otome games I’ve played up till now, there’s always a route that’s a little calmer than the rest of them, a more romantic one I should say, and this is the romantic one.

Hell, if you go through through the good route, he actually speaks to Orion and that’s the best part of this route! Besides the swimming. AND THE PROPOSAL TO PROPOSE!!!!!! God that made me so happy. I almost wished for a wedding scene, but the scene in London was just as good and so much better than a cliche! I’m so pleased!

Character Likability: 32e973f84ec51d827434caddddbd5873.jpg32e973f84ec51d827434caddddbd5873.jpg32e973f84ec51d827434caddddbd5873.jpg32e973f84ec51d827434caddddbd5873.jpg

He’s a bit hard to swallow at first, but as he warms up to you, you start to see the vulnerability and his sadness as to the reason why you all fought to begin with. Though his character was the most developed out of all the routes that I had played. He changed in gradual ways, but he changed for the better in response to the new ways you had changed as well. I was quite surprised at him. For talking to Orion, for believing your amnesia, all the way to ditching an important conference. I don’t think any of the guys (fanfiction wise) would do that.

Love Authenticity: 32e973f84ec51d827434caddddbd5873.jpg32e973f84ec51d827434caddddbd5873.jpg32e973f84ec51d827434caddddbd5873.jpg32e973f84ec51d827434caddddbd5873.jpg32e973f84ec51d827434caddddbd5873.jpg

At first your relationship starts at a very rocky time. You get into fights, you even told him you hated him at some point before you lost your memories. So you don’t begin with the cleanest slate like you would with some of the other routes. However, as you progress throughout the route you do see that he does care for you in his own way. Yes, you do things that other couples wouldn’t do, and he sometimes doesn’t pay attention to you, but at the same time not everything is about attention, and maybe it’s good that you don’t do the same things other couples do. He also did treat it as an experiment at first, but again he grew to love you into a way that he would propose to propose to you someday. He knew the relationship was serious. I absolutely adored that. I also liked how the MC got him to change and how the MC changed along with it. Yes, she regains a lot of her memories, but that didn’t suddenly make her hate Kent. In fact, it just helped her understand what type of place they were in to begin with. It was quite a weird way to begin a route of love, but hey, not every person falls in love the same way.

Does the route make sense with the story? 32e973f84ec51d827434caddddbd5873.jpg32e973f84ec51d827434caddddbd5873.jpg32e973f84ec51d827434caddddbd5873.jpg32e973f84ec51d827434caddddbd5873.jpg32e973f84ec51d827434caddddbd5873.jpg

Not a whole lot of drama here, and any misunderstandings are usually cleared up pretty quickly. Not only that, everyone was believable and you didn’t have a weird step-sibling thing going on with Toma. Instead Toma and Shin were the ones with the weird relationship and left you out of it. Which was probably a good thing. Toma just tends to create problems where ever he goes…

Despite being a lack of action or too heavy of a plot, I can’t deny that Kent did everything that he could here. And he did it in a way that wasn’t so completely jarring too.

Is the route replayable: 32e973f84ec51d827434caddddbd5873.jpg32e973f84ec51d827434caddddbd5873.jpg32e973f84ec51d827434caddddbd5873.jpg32e973f84ec51d827434caddddbd5873.jpg32e973f84ec51d827434caddddbd5873.jpg

Just for the story elements, the character development and for the way the love natuarally flows, I’d play the good ending again and again. I don’t know if I’d do the bad ends. I think my heart would break if I did a normal route to. Especially since the good route was just so…well…good.


Despite that he’s an unlockable character, he’s my favorite route. Not only does his route explain what’s going on in the other parallel universes and why he’s always appearing and then disappearing in the other routes, but it also explains Orion a lot more as well. I’ll do my best to summeraize, so please be patient.

In the world that you had been in before Orion collided with you and made you miss your memories, you were in a world that’s known as the World of Origin, or better known as the Joker World. In this world, you met in July and you started going out. On August the first, you were caught in explosion at the university that you were attending and you died August the 25th.

Now that you’re back in your world, you noticed that Ukyo shows up a lot to give you cryptic warnings about what’s going to happen, why you should stay away from him, and who to stay away from. He warns you against Toma and Shin, which if you played their routes you’d know that Toma would lock you away and you would fall off a cliff with Shin. He knows that Kent is a math nut and he’s also aware that Ikki has something going on with him as well. He also advises you to be friends with Rika, whose Ikki’s fan-club president and someone that usually is against you in other routes.

Throughout this, you discover that Ukyo is hiding something very strange. Sometimes his personality…changes into something a little more disturbing. Anyway, soon enough you find out why Ukyo knows what’s going to happen to you and on what days, and you figure out why he acts the way he does as well. I wish I could say more, especially my favorite moments, but all of them are just too spoiler heavy, I might as well tell you the entire story rather than review it. I’m really sorry for my vagueness.

Character Likability: 32e973f84ec51d827434caddddbd5873.jpg32e973f84ec51d827434caddddbd5873.jpg32e973f84ec51d827434caddddbd5873.jpg32e973f84ec51d827434caddddbd5873.jpg32e973f84ec51d827434caddddbd5873.jpg

I love guys that aren’t afraid to be a little emotional, who like to do artsy things and I absolutely love guys who are genuinely devoted to someone and isn’t afraid to show it. I enjoyed his quirky personality of having a bad time waking up (though I’m sure that’s due to personality changes he has), and I liked that he traveled a lot during his youth. His personality is so sweet and caring.

Love Authenticity: 32e973f84ec51d827434caddddbd5873.jpg32e973f84ec51d827434caddddbd5873.jpg32e973f84ec51d827434caddddbd5873.jpg32e973f84ec51d827434caddddbd5873.jpg32e973f84ec51d827434caddddbd5873.jpg

Let me ask you a question. Let’s say your lover dies in a fire, in excruciating pain within 24 days, what do you do? Ukyo made a wish on a god. He asked to find a world in which that she would live and continue to live in. He didn’t want to see her die. However, no matter which world there is, the world knows when it’s being invaded by something foreign and therefore tries to get rid of the foreign object much how our immune systems get rid of a virus. One of you has to die. So in all the routes you were in, Kent’s. Toma’s. Shin’s. Ikki’s. You were supposed to die in some fashion. But instead of dying, Ukyo took your death in those worlds. He has watched you die in many worlds, and has experienced death as well for one of you cannot live in the same world as the other. The world just doesn’t work like that. That’s how much Ukyo loved the MC. He took on that many burdens.

That’s true love, true devotion, if sometimes a little messed up.

Does the route make sense with the story? 32e973f84ec51d827434caddddbd5873.jpg32e973f84ec51d827434caddddbd5873.jpg32e973f84ec51d827434caddddbd5873.jpg32e973f84ec51d827434caddddbd5873.jpg32e973f84ec51d827434caddddbd5873.jpg

Now that I understand more about the parallel universe themes, his story does make sense. In fact, if you go with any theory about a parallel world, you’d understand that everything that happens will be different and you will be different and the people you hang out with will be different. That’s why it’s his world where you died in is the world where it’s possible for the two of you to co-exist. But that means that the universe would try to fulfill it’s role in killing the MC or killing Ukyo. Either you died on the 25th or he dies on the 26th, it was always going to be that way.

And that’s how the universe works, unless it’s interfered with by a god. Which is why Orion was absorbed into you.

Is the route replayable: 32e973f84ec51d827434caddddbd5873.jpg32e973f84ec51d827434caddddbd5873.jpg32e973f84ec51d827434caddddbd5873.jpg32e973f84ec51d827434caddddbd5873.jpg32e973f84ec51d827434caddddbd5873.jpg

To be honest, his route is the first route I would replay all the way through. Good end. Normal end. I don’t think I would like the bad ending all that much, considering all the pain that this character went through to begin with. I recommend this route, and I recommend you play all through the four good ends to get it.


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