Game Review: Men of Yoshiwara Kikuya

Merry meet everyone! My soul-sister K has a game that she enjoyed called Men of Yoshiwara. When I expressed that it seemed to be a game that I would be interested in, she graciously allowed for me to play it. The game is fast and simple as it used to be a mobile app first. The routes are very direct, you pick the character that you want to go on and you try to follow it to hundred percent. It’s not as flexible as Hakuoki is or other otome games.

To give the best review I possibly can I split this into two sections: a general review and a route review. The general review will give you a grading that will look like this:

  • Overall game score
  • What could be changed
  • What was done right
  • Recommended? why or why not.

Highest score you can get is a 5 and  the lowest you can get is a 1 meaning I quit before I could even finish the game it was that bad.  I will do my best to keep spoilers out of the general review as much as I possibly can. As for the route review, I placed it underneath the “read more” so that if you didn’t want to be spoiled you didn’t have to be. Grading for the route review will look like this:

  • Character likability
  • Character development
  • Story
  • Love Authenticity
  • Is the route replayable? (to clarify, would I play the route again knowing how the story goes?)

The highest score you can get out of the route review is a 5. Now that you know how the rating works let’s begin.

Overall Game Score: 2.

What could be changed: More scene changes and more character templates. I felt like some of the places that were mentioned would have been better to have a either a CG or background in the game. Otherwise, it felt like I wasn’t actually there. In one route in particular: I was still standing in front of a shrine imagining that we went to the fair.

Also if a character is mentioned like guards, or a gentleman courtesan or something like that, having a faceless template wouldn’t have been too awful. It would feel like the characters were talking to each other. I understand that it means more artwork and the game was probably made on a strict budget. I also know that this was a mobile app first, but I still think that if it was remade for the PC then it needs to have more details added.

Some of the storylines and character personalities could have been better written. I liked Takao’s and Hayabusa’s, but there were some routes though that I went down on where the characters didn’t make sense to the first impression I was given in the prologue. I understand that to be because of the competition, but there’s on character in particular (Tokiwa) where I just couldn’t determine if he was a bully, someone to worry about, or what.

Typos were also very common. Hear instead of year. Waste instead of waist. Some of the “sexual” phrases reminded me that I was reading something from FF.N, rather than an adult novel. Also, licking isn’t something that you’d want anyone to look at you with. I’m just saying.

There were also plot lines that I would have denied flat out as well.

What was done right? Sadly, the only routes that were done right within the game was Takao’s route and Hayabusa’s route. Everyone else felt either too plain, one-dimensional, or the plot-twist was unbearably cruel and unusual. The two things that are in common with the two routes I mentioned is the fact that Hayabusa considers the MC to be his little sister as they grew up together. Takao’s route has a half-sibling story-line as well that coincides with the MC. The personalities of the two routes stuck with the characters. They didn’t force them to become something that they weren’t and they managed to do this without sacrificing the plot.

Recommended? No.  For a game that only has two plots that are decent and that made sense; I hate to say it, but unless the game is for free on Steam I suggest you don’t buy it. The amount of translation errors were inexcusable.

If you’re going to write M-rated scenes, write M-rated scenes and don’t write them like a love-struck teenager who can barely say something dirty without getting a red face. Don’t write plots that don’t make any sense to the character either. I know when a route feels forced. Many of them did.

Now for the routes review. Spoilers are at home here.

Screenshot (5)

Before we jump in, like all dating games there’s a prologue and an introduction.

Let’s get the basics down real fast. The island is nothing but women and no baby boys are ever born here. In order to get pregnant you’re to go over to the Kikuya where you are seduced by the man of your choosing. Some do it because they’re in love and some of them do it because they want to have a baby. Regardless, the courtesans that are in the Kikuya live by strict rules. One is that they cannot go outside.

While running on your errand you meet two strangers who are trying to run away and elope. Being the type of person that you are, you get them to safely on your father’s boat. After that, you run into a courtesan’s procession and that is where the introductions begin.

You have your choice of men that you can possibly start a romance with. There’s only two endings. A happy ending and a super happy ending. While bad endings do exist you don’t get anything for them. Remember, I only went through the routes once on super-happy. (100% likability)

Your men of choosing are:

  • Kagerou
  • Kagura
  • Takao
  • Tokiwa
  • Ioah
  • Hayabusha

Kagerou Route

In each route you get two decisions per a chapter and he’s the easiest of them all to get a super-happy ending without needing a guide. He prefers women who keep their word, honest about what they’re thinking. Don’t be annoying and don’t be overly direct because he’s not. The first time he meets you, he insults you by saying that your beauty is wasted on you. However, the insult doesn’t hold any malice because of the expression that goes on his face when he says it. Both my character and I could tell immediately that he was teasing…but boy his teasing is not affectionate. It’s like watching a bad-boy trying to be suave and it’s just not working. A little of a train wreck.

Proceed through the story and you learn that he has a sister who is trying to buy his freedom. But he’s conflicted because Kagura, the man that he’s studying under to become a courtesan is still around in the pleasure house. He believes that Kagura should be freed first and that he can get out on his own power. However, if you find his pendant on the ground and give it back to him you learn that he holds family really closely to his heart, but he believes firmly that one should pay their debts. His parents certainly didn’t. That’s the most character development your going to see that has any depth.

So, how does the Super Happy Ending work?! He made his debut, therefore that means that he has to please all these women that are suddenly at the door after hearing that Kagerou is now available to have sex with. Key my character fainting and then falling ill. I believe the illness lasted a week if I counted the days in my head right and a fever that wasn’t going down, but stable for about three maybe four days. The Eastern Doctor did all that he could, but Kagerou asked his sister who coincidentally  knew a doctor that her husband was friends with and they came in…

…to tell me I was dying in 6 months. Now, I’m used to Otome games having someone die in them. Dramatical Murder had one. I’m certain so does Hakuoki. It’s just something that makes the love story all that more tragic. So, after hearing that I had only six months, both of them were upset. They had hoped that they would have a longer time with each other, and that’s when Kagerou tells his sister to please buy his freedom.

AND THEN THEY PROCEEDED TO TELL US THAT IT WAS A TROLL. That’s right, my character (who had done nothing to deserve this) was told that she was going to die in six months because his sister was that desperate to get us together and married and out of Yoshiwara. Yep. She also told us that the reason why she wanted to hammer it in like this, is because there’s a huge whirlpool in between the main island and the island and unless you knew the offical route, you had to take your chances. Those who run away risk their lives to be together. It turns out, she went through the same thing and she didn’t want her brother to see the same end.

Which, okay. I can see that. I can see that happening. But to do that because Kagerou wasn’t “honest” with his feelings. (Yes that gets hammered to death too.) Is a little fucking extreme in my book. But I do admit, if you get the wedding chapter, you won’t regret it. It’s adorable, and cute and it just makes me warm and fuzzy inside. He comes and gets you with a courtesan procession that Kagerou begged for and the wedding picture is just too cute. But hey, no one’s dying. At least not in the Super Happy Ending.

Character Likability: 3/5. A man that likes to read? I’m down. Apparently he’s learning martial arts too, which is pretty freaking cool. But as much as covering up your like for someone with insults might make you seem tough and cool…was actually really not. My character throughout the entire route was a little upset every time he did it and I was a little upset as well. The things he said were harsh and sometimes borderline cruel. Seeing him more in Kagura’s route only increased my likability of him honestly. He’s so willing to help so long as it makes Kagura (first) and MC happy. I like that.

Character Development: 3/5  It was rocky, but I could swallow it. He was  at least two-dimensional rather than one.

Story: 2/5. Rushed translations make it hard to really enjoy the story to the fullest, as well as how quick it is. I understand that it’s a mobile app turned into a PC game, but even having some idea of what a plot might look like would be interesting. Making my character sick felt thrown in rather than a normal occurrence of events. To me it hurt the route, especially when you were told you were dying. That’s…really not okay to say to someone. At all, no matter how desperate you are.

Love Authenticity: 4/5. Surprisingly I felt like it was. I felt like as I went through the route he really did care about her. His language of love is to give gifts. He gave her rouge, and a candy apple, and she gave him a chain for the pendant that he lost so he’d never loose it again. But at the end of the route he wasn’t overly harsh. One quip, but since I went through the route it was easy to brush off. My character did the same.

Is the route replayable? Yes.

Kagura Route

This man is refined and delicate to the core. He is what you would say someone that probably has a samurai spirit. He prefers women polite and modest.

Before you even meet him, you get caught by Takao who is trying to figure out why you’re even bothering with a man like Kagura. If you remain firm your decision he leaves. That’s when you meet Kagura. Just be respectful and everything goes well. After the banquet is held, the gates are locked and closed. Kagura convinces the MC after showing her the locked gate to stay the night, however when awoken the next morning he’s no where to be found. Then you find him training at Inari shrine and you become inspired. Which, I thought was very interesting. Because instead of developing his character he kind of develops you instead. Which is realistic, but he remains unchanged.

It was interesting to say that throughout the route most of what Kagura talked about was his studies in Western culture, so there’s actually not a lot of family background. The question of where he got interested in swordsmanship is also left unsaid as well. There’s a lot of hobbies of a well-learned man, and all we know is that it comes from his desire to one day go to the West and continue to learn. However, what struck me as a beautiful moment was after you hold a large banquet and enjoy everyone’s company for one last time Kagura sends you money to see you again.

If I hadn’t played Kagerou’s route, I think I would played it last. He acts more childish and young in this route. However, it goes into a little more about Kagerou’s and Kagura’s relationship. Kagerou holds no restraint and he shows that he idolizes Kagura to the point where sometimes it’s a bit questionable. But the MC had a good point in saying that it look like a parent-son relationship. In Kagerou’s route, it was compared to as brothers, and it was like that on the surface.

So that makes me wonder about Takao’s route. Through this route, Takao’s not exactly pleased that Kagura keeps getting requested and does everything that he can to try to take the MC away from him. From forcing himself on her, pouring sake for her, things like that. He’s very loud that he’s the top gentleman, but I think there’s something more going on there. I have a feeling if I go through his route, I’ll know more about the dynamic between him and Kagura.

I also enjoyed that there was no fair and that the scene with the daffoil was in the game. Books and flowers as a way to give gifts is straight up my alley, and I’m glad that he decided that picking a flower from the ground was better than buying one. I’m kind of in the same mindset. More romantic, more thought is put into it than just randomly buying a bouquet. Since the fair had been so heavily glossed over, I feared that it would be the same for any gift exchanges that happened, but there was a CG. I’m highly pleased with that.

Again, there were a lot of phrases that just…didn’t sit right with me, and too many translation errors. If you ever play Kagura’s route, take a drink every time MC says the word “licked” regardless of context. If you thought the word savages was overused in the Hakuoki game (if you played it), you’re wrong. Also, do you remember a time in fanfiction land where “member” was a good word to use? Do you? I remember that…it’s really outdated and yet they still use the slang for the male anatomy. They can’t even describe the girl’s right. The love scenes are severely cringe-worthy in this one.

My only disappointment with this that we don’t get a wedding scene in the Super Happy Ending! I was quite looking forward to see what kind of wedding CGs there might be for every character. I’m sure the dress and things would be the same, since it is traditional, but I still wanted to see how it looked. I’m just that kind of person. I mean, what if he did a western wedding since he’s so into their culture? That’d be highly entertaining to do artwork for.

Character Likability: 3/5 I felt like there were times where Kagura was a little stilted. I understand that as an entertainer he has his own persona, but I wish that the MC would ask more questions about his lifestyle. Just knowing about Western studies and that he swings a sword around doesn’t mean that you know everything about him. In Kageoru’s route, I felt like I understood him a bit more. In this route he felt…a little out of place. I do like that his very nature and persona inspired my MC to work as hard and diligently as he did. I like it when characters inspire one another. They both inspire each other to their best.

Character development: 2/5 Throughout the route, he rarely changes. He’s a one-dimensional character. His jealousy is obvious and that was an interesting tidbit, but it just wasn’t enough for me.

Story: 2/5 Not as interesting at Takao’s but it does show the romance side quite heavily. There were a few cases I had to remind myself that I was reading an dating game and not a harlequin novel though I think they’re the same thing. Even though there wasn’t a troll plot, some drama wouldn’t have hurt. More about the woman trying to get in MC’s way would’ve been nice I think. Something along those lines.

Love Authenticity: 3/5 This is hard to judge. I could see that they liked each other, but I couldn’t begin to say that it was love. Maybe a crush? Maybe that’s why there’s no wedding scene, it just wouldn’t fit. The MC and Kagura do inspire each other, they do give gifts that are thoughtful and mindful of each other. A flower that reminded Kagura of her innocence, her strength, and her silence as she watched over him. A book that was of interest to Kagura and how she asked Kagerou to give her a complete list of all the books that he had so that she wouldn’t make a mistake of getting a second one. I think…putting all of these thoughts together…I could see them happening.

Is the route replayable? To be honest, I don’t know if I would replay this route more than twice…

Takao Route

You want to impress Takao? Be direct and honest and don’t look away.

He was immediately my favorite the moment that he pulled out the clothes and started dressing the MC like a doll, along with the make-up and just going completely overboard to make her look presentable. This is a character whose personality was strong. After a night of heavy drinking and leaving me to wander home with a hangover, I would return to another night there. Only to be hassled by his attendant Tokiwa, which happened twice but I have to admit I liked those parts because he’d come to get me out of those completely awkward conversations. (Just as a warning, there are a bunch of typos in his route, but your best to ignore them.)

I really enjoyed how Kagerou was always asking questions about how gloomy my character looked when she was thinking about Takao and his emotions and what he was feeling. I also liked how he not so subtly told the MC to go after Kagura and that I would never not be satisfied. However, it made me curious for in one route, Kagura and Takao were enemies out of jealousy, but in this route instead of something going on between Kagura and Takao, it was with Tokiwa. Which I find interesting.

Takao’s playful personalty holds an interesting background. He’s sending money to two parents. Despite the fact that he is the top seller here in Yoshiwara, he isn’t getting enough money to retire because he’s taking care of them. Of course that leaves both me and the MC moved and we try to do whatever we could to help him be free. Meaning giving away the money we got from helping a couple escape the livelihood.

But the story. After you continue to do this for some time, the MC’s mother discovers the rumor that you’ve been going to Yoshiwara and that you started to sleep with a man named Takao and for some reason that makes her mother think that they’re half-siblings and urges the MC to break up. The MC of course does and both characters go through heartbreak until Takoa shows up at the window and tells her to come to the mainland to find out once and for all if that was really true.

Plot twist: not only is the father alive and well, he’s also been collecting the money that Takao has been saving in order to give it back to him so that he could be free. (AT LEAST IT WASN’T A TROLL.)

Unlike Kagura’s route, you get a beautiful ending as well if you do the Super Happy Ending. It wasn’t a wedding, but it consisted of a husband and a wife waking up together. Just enjoying the morning as they talked softly and enjoyed the first kiss of the day. It was adorable. I’m so happy I played this route, I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t think of playing it first.

Character Likability: 5/5 For once, I got a character whose personality shone. This character right here is the character that fits the night-life party-animal type. He wants others to enjoy the time, he’s smiling, carefree. Honest. He’s straight like an arrow and he’s  good person. Throughout this route I didn’t feel like he was just one type or bland. I didn’t feel like there were times where he was stilted. I liked how the characters interacted with him, and it matched a little with routes before.

Character Development: 4/5 You saw all sides of this guy. Maybe not sadness, but you certainly saw his emotions. You saw the depths of them. From when he makes love to you all the way down to how he reacts when your leaving. He goes from just being a courtesan to a runaway just to figure out if it’s really true that you’re sibilings because he wants to see you that much. Seriously. Devoted.

Story: 4/5 This route had everything. You want a little drama? Have a mother who knows the courtesan that you’re talking about. The threat of incest? Might be half-siblings. Do you want to know the background story? Here, have a horrible mother and a sick father (whose not actually sick). A run away? Check. A cute ending? My god the super-happy ending was just fucking adorable. I love it. I just love it. I don’t even want to replay it because it’s so fucking cute.

Love Authenticity: 5/5 They are adorable. He made her beautiful the first time that they met. She tries to to help with his money situation. As they talk and you see the connection that they characters have between each other. They go to the mainland together and he buys her a hair ornament for no reason than just because. Throughout the entire route, you feel the MC getting deeper into him. Just…yeah ignore the love scenes. Please.

Is the route replayable? Hell fucking yes. I’ll do it! 

Tokiwa Route

In order to win his heart, being a true romantic and a little dramatic wins with this. I didn’t notice too many translation mistakes in my run, though again the love scene is as cringe-worthy as everyone else. I think someone needs to do a little more practice with it.

My first impression when I started playing his route was how similar it was to Kagura’s. Now, everyone starts off a the banquet that’s no secret, but Takao had more flair, Kagerou had more openness, but Kagura and Tokiwa took things…plainly. I still couldn’t get a sense for him at all until later on in the routes. He’s a lovable character, a trouble-maker, and he seems to have the worst luck in the world. Key putting oil in front of the parlor door that Takao was entertaining at.

As the story progresses, you do see some hidden depths. A woman gives him a bird and if you decide to set the bird free he compares his life to the bird in the cage. It brings to mind that old phrase “I know why the caged bird sings”. That’s pretty much only one of the cute moments in this route that I thought was entertaining. Another cute moment is when the MC gives him a hair pin and in return he finds a bracelet with the same color of his eyes and gives it to her since she’s so mesmerized by them. I really enjoyed how that scene was shone and that the CG was crafted beautifully.

But as for the plot of this route? It was a typical one. There’s a murder that’s happening on the streets. Top gentlemen are being targeted and Takao is injured. Ioah needs to find a way to substitute him for the courtesan procession and Tokiwa isn’t comfortable with the idea of suddenly usurping Takao without a proper win. He takes it anyway with a bit of coaxing and decides that this is the time to play hero. He’ll be the decoy. The only way to make him top gentlemen is for MC to spend seven nights. That’s a bunch of money for a banquet feast for seven nights. It’s amazing that the couple’s money lasted that long.

However, as the procession comes to an end and nothing has happened, the MC is just about tell him the truth about being a shipping-agent’s daughter when…a fight breaks out. The street-killer comes to kill Tokiwa. Surprisingly he carried a dagger but that wasn’t enough. I really, really wish that this was Kagura’s route. I think that would have fitted him a lot more than this since Kagura comes in and blocks the street-killer. However, they get careless, MC gets taken, the bracelet is broken…it was a typical story. Tokiwa comes and saves her.

In the Super Happy Ending the Emperor is so impressed that sympathy money was given to the MC since she was put in such a bad position making it easy for her to buy Tokiwa’s life out of the Kikuya. The mock wedding was just adorable, and so cute. It was surprising that Takao even had those outfits…

Character Likability: 3/5 For first impressions I was lead to believe that I was going to go down a boring route like I did for Kagura’s. However, my second impression was worse and I thought I was going to be with a bully. Once you get through the first two chapters, he starts to become less of a bully, a little more interesting and his background explains why he doesn’t like his appearances. Which was quite nice to see.

Character development: 3/5 I saw the changes quite well this time around. His love changed him personally, his ideas about himself changed. I liked the fact that he changed so much with just the insights of what my MC had to say. Both about his appearance, about what he should do for the procession and so on. It was nice to be listened to, and have advice taken.

Story: 2/5 It was a compelling story, but I felt like it was wrong to have Tokiwa be the one to tell it. I would have preferred Kagura getting the kidnapped story and Tokiwa having the peaceful route. The reason I think this is because Kagura is a swordsman. His abilities would have shone more along with all the training sessions that he did. It would have made me feel like there was a build up here. Could I see the decoy working for Tokiwa? Yes! In fact, if they kept that in Kagura’s route, and have things be the same that would work wonderfully. Just buy Kagura’s freedom. Now, Tokiwa’s peaceful route would have a different kind of ending, but I think that just seeing him change with the MC’s thoughts and ideals, was quite nice. It was like watching a flower bloom. I’m just sorry the story was the wrong one for him.

Love Authenticity: 4/5 Despite the terrible plot that Tokiwa’s route gives him, I do believe with all my heart that they do love each other. The only reason this isn’t a 5/5 is mostly because of my first impressions and the rumors that have spread about him before I even met him. First impressions mean a lot, and I can’t help but to be cautious. Tokiwa does change with every word the MC gives and if you get the Super Happy Ending, it’s gorgeous. It’s just beautiful. Takao’s rivalry isn’t even present. Everyone’s happy, no one is hurting, it’s just amazing.

Is the route replayable: Yes, but I might skip the first two chapters.


I’m aware that he has a second season and I believe that’s the family route. Regardless, after what happened during the first season I’m highly reluctant to even think about doing the second season. So, if you’re curious about it, please feel free to play and see what you think. I want to keep what little of my sanity I have left after what happened.

I think this is the most ridiculous route I could have picked to go on next. I’m more embarrassed for Ioah than I am for the MC and the writing. The MC gets treated like a child because she acts like a child. She apparently faints so much while locked in a kiss, it’s becoming expected. I feel bad for this guy. Like, I don’t even know why she decided to pick him. At least with the others, it was all in good fun. But this is like watching a reality T.V show trainwreck. You can’t keep your eyes off of what’s happening, at the same time you’re screaming no like you’re being tortured. I wish I was exaggerating.

So I’m trying to get through this with my eyes shut. I really, really don’t like comedies unless it’s gallows’ humor and I hate reality T.V even more.

And it gets worse. It gets so worse. Chapter 5, all of the sudden he’s a demon?! I can understand this if I was playing Hakuoki but…what? What?! From her hugging him he turned into…okay. Okay. I’ll just…roll with this the best I can.

Could it get worse? Chapter 7. Bedding Kagerou unwilling because the manager asked of it from the both of them. Can I shoot myself yet?

Chapter nine: A KID AND A PARENT?! I’m about to throw my desk…and my desk is heavy and it has shelves attached to it. I really, really want to throw my desk right now. What am I doing. Why did I choose this route?!

I don’t…even know what’s happening anymore. As if this route needed more drama that’s created because the MC can’t do a simple thing like communication. Do you guys remember when I said some of the routes were lacking drama? I WONDER WHICH ROUTE THEY DECIDED TO PUT IT IN.

Character Likability: 3/5 I should be giving higher after everything the MC put him through in the beginning of the route. I don’t think I stopped having a heart attack till around chapter…god ten? Thirteen? It was a nightmare. It was a complete nightmare. None of the characters, Kagerou, Kagura, Takao, Tokiwa not one were likable here. At all. I was quite fearful honestly and I played their routes.

Character development: 1/5 Demons are a popular idea and such, but I don’t think putting it in a pleasure house was a good idea. It was completely out of place for the plot…and the plot was sparse to begin with.

Story: 1/5. It was like reading a better-written version of Twilight. That’s…not a compliment. If you saw my complaints while doing this, you’d know why I’m having a hard time giving this a one.

Love Authenticity: 1/5. Want to hear a joke? A girl-child and a demon have sex. Suddenly she turns into a woman and can think better and isn’t so overly dramatic. They get married after her mother tries to marry her off to someone else. Yep. That’s…love alright.

Is the route replayable? GOD NO.


I believe that this is the true route that you need to go down on. The plotline continues on from the prologue where you got your money and valuables from the eloping couple you helped escape. I had always wondered about why it was so easy for everyone to brush it off, tell her to keep it a secret, and never have it mentioned again. In order to win his heart, you’re no longer the MC, the MC is the MC so you have to answer the way she would answer to her best friend. Be warned, this route has the worst typos and grammar mistakes.

You meet Hayabusa at night underneath a full moon at Inari shrine after you couldn’t select a gentleman to stay the night with. He tells you that he broke his sandal and you offer to help him. Once he sees you, he recongizes you for who you are. You’re his best friend, practically little sister. You sit and talk about the past for a small bit as you fix his sandal.

But the next day you realize that you forgot your valuables. The valuables were what the eloping couple gave you in the prologue as you helped them escape. Ioah didn’t see it in the banquet hall, and the patrol supervisor didn’t report anything was missing or was found. Hayabusa sends you a letter telling you that he has it and you rush over there.

He gives you the valuables, but you try to give it back to him, telling him that he could end his contract early with it. He refuses. You leave and the next few days pass when you get a letter telling you to stay away from Yoshiwara because of the trouble that was happening with the patrol. The valuables that had fallen out of your pockets when you tripped caused suspicion and they’re looking out for you. However, you decide to go over there instead.

Ioah tries to convince you to give the valuables to the Kikuya and use it to see Hayabusa as much as you can. So, you do so only for you to be caught red-handed and Hayato had to step in and take the blame. Your mother knows the patrol supervisor and therefore tells you to keep silent about what you seen with the eloping couple and persuades the patrol supervisor to give back the valuables and Hayato.

And of course, a few months later because of the help of the valuables you manage to free Hayabusa and the most gorgeous wedding scene takes place.

Character Likability: 5/5 Considering that you never seen him at the banquet, he was a mystery till you meet him at Inari shrine. He’s genuine, sincere, stubborn and he’s also a bit childish as well. He buys candies just in hopes that he could give them to you one day, he protects you without making you out as a damsel and he’s kindhearted. He doesn’t force you into any uncomfortable situations and he just flows.

Character development: 4/5 You see a lot of changes with the MC and Hayabusa in this route. From when they’re talked about when younger, to the crisis that they had to endure, and on wards.

Story: 5/5 It flows with the prologue which is why I consider this to be the true route and should be recommended to play last. I loved how the MC’s character wasn’t made out to be childish or too immature. I also loved how it showed loyalty and dedication. While all the routes showed that, this one showed it in a more genuine light. I would place this route just above Takao’s if I had to rank it.

Love Authenticity: 5/5. The MC and Hayabusa mesh so well with each other. They have similar personalities and are different enough so that you don’t feel like it’s a yin-yang relationship. You can tell that he cares for her the moment the first chapter is open and you can see it grow throughout the story. The love story deserved that wedding shot. I’m so glad that they had one.

Is the route replayable? YES.

I hope that my review has been helpful to you in deciding whether or not the game is worth your leisure. I hope you’ll come back to see what other games I review, or to see what I’m up to next. I wish you all the best and I shall see you on the flip-side.



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